FREE CRYPTO (for UAE/ KSA/BAH and other GCC countries only)

2022.01.17 17:00 BrixChin FREE CRYPTO (for UAE/ KSA/BAH and other GCC countries only)

SHARING IS GIVING. I've got the benefits from free Dollars/ Dirhams/ and tokens from different multi apps that I already tested (hand-picked) its legitimacy so its better to share to everyone.
Minimum total rewards = $92 Maximum rewards= NO LIMIT
Take notes of the following before you start: **FIRST NOTE: NO POCKET INVESTMENT INVOLVE, SO THERE'S NO RISK: means that you don't need to buy any crypto not even a single fils. it's completely free. But since this is about crypto trading, its is completely your choice to buy from your own money and im not gonna say that you do it as it really really needs time to understand and learn everything in crypto market trading. general tip: invest the amount whatever you are willing to get loose) **Without using the referral codes give below, you will NOT able to received any of the giveaways. **Read carefully of the instructions and you may pm me if you need clarifications/ assistance. **Rewards will be claim as noted on each app. **WARNING! if you want to refer to another person inside your house, please be aware that some app like Abra will not give the reward as it should need to be under different wifi network - as an option let the other use their mobile data network during registration, and or use my own referral link so they can still received the reward. kindly refer to app's terms and conditions for the rewards. **KYC verification is very important so you must prepare the below major requirements:
a. Passport actual (not screenshot) b. Visa page (employment and not expired) c. National ID (EID in UAE) d. Any proof of address (electricity / telephone bill, bank statement, tenancy contract, etc. in any case that you dont have any proof of address as you might be expat from another countries, you may send email to the customer support service of the given app. (i have tried contacting them many times and they are really responding like they are really proud of their company, truly customer support service) e. Selfie. some might be afraid to be taken with selfie due to the privacy profile, but i can say that there's nothing to worry about it as this is general rules worldwide if you want to join in crypto trading.

  1. FIRST APP: CoinMena Reward: 91 AED (24.7$ USD) Click the Referral code as below and install the app as per link:
Follow the KYC profile instructions and submit.
When to claim the reward: after complete verification of KYC documents. Time: Few hours only and rewards will be given instantly after verification.
---- After receiving the reward. Keep on hold for now, as the market might go dip any minute if you trade immediately.
  1. SECOND APP: Bitoasis (similar to above but higher reward) Reward: 100 AED (27$ USD) Click the Referral code as below and install the app as per link:
(if it prompt for the referral code, kindly enter the code ZWEi )
Follow the KYC profile instructions and submit.
When to claim the reward: after complete verification of KYC documents. Time: Few hours only and rewards will be given instantly after verification.
---- After receiving the reward. Keep on hold for now, as the market might go dip any minute if you trade immediately.
  1. THIRD APP: Abra Reward: 15$ + 25$ worth of crypto (CPRX) (at the moment of writing, the token price is going for bullish "going up")
Click the Referral code as below and install the app as per link:
(if it prompt for the referral code, kindly enter the code RCBJG9YHD )
Follow the KYC profile instructions and submit.
**to received the 15$ reward (registration) it is needed to deposit a 15$ worth of crypto or fiat (i.e dollars/ dirhams) and hold it for 30days without trading / exchange/ withdrawal. just keep it on hold for 30 days.
**to received the 25$ reward (referral- you will not be able to get this if you didn't use the code / link above), similar to above, you just need to keep the 15$ amount you deposited for the same 30days.
in short you will received the full 40$ after 30days.
---as explained from beginning that you don't need to use your pocket to buy/ deposit any crypto. in order to deposit the 15$ needed as above, kindly follow the instructions below.
A. Go back to Bitoasis - trade your reward (i.e. 100AED or $27) to XRP (approx. 36xrp at the time of writing) and send all of your xrp to your ABRA XRP address. (please search in abra website or in youtube on how to transfer coins to another address.)
B. Going back to the CoinMena app, you may also do the same method above but take note that XRP minimum transfer on this app is 70 XRP so you need to work on at least 1 or 2 referrals so you can get another 91 aed. 91 aed ($24.7) will be traded in around 32 XRP only. Once you already have 70XRP or more then transfer all XRP to...
  1. To your ABRA XRP address if you want to trade and make it grow...
  2. To your trading exchange .i.e binance/ huobi/ kucoin. ( you may pm me for referral so you can have a cashback and other rewards using referral codes)
  3. To RAIN App if you want a cheaper way than Bitoasis to withdraw the money to your bank/ ATM/ Credit card accounts available in UAE (50+ transfer fees or verify on their website) and any GCC countries. You can use the referral link below if you are depositing around 920 aed so you can get 185 aed bonus to pay for the withdrawal fees.
Enjoy the free money/ tokens and if you need some assistance feel free to email or PM me. Just dont forget to give thanks to the Lord.
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2022.01.17 17:00 danielle_ann Wtt, 10x5 (not including aloy) not f2p, i have receipts!

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2022.01.17 17:00 71648176362090001 Mainz05: Dreimal in Folge wird ein ehemaliger Mainzer Trainer FIFA Welttrainer. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Thomas Tuchel! 😍

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2022.01.17 17:00 Ambitious-Mud-2849 Is this how modders are dropping money now? Infinite bounty rewards for all players

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2022.01.17 17:00 OxGLOBZILLA the door sweep bay has never looked this good 🙀

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2022.01.17 17:00 Massive_Ad7038 I am confused as to which cable to use to connect Nebra nbr-0039 antenna with Bobcat miner. I understand that lmr-600 or lrm-400 are the best cables, but what are the right connectors?

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2022.01.17 17:00 marcosm802 Travel Nurse Housing Stipend

Is it true that in order to receive a housing stipend you can't have your name on a lease in the city your on assignment?
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2022.01.17 17:00 wtfbtc_ Updated Bitcoin transaction fees: BCH Next Block: $0.0019 BCH Weekly Median: $0.0010 BTC Next Block: $0.21 BTC Weekly Median: $0.28

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2022.01.17 17:00 narutinhozik4 Cebolinha anda assistindo muito Naruto!

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2022.01.17 17:00 memes_lover-06 got this today

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2022.01.17 17:00 MetalGearSolidHydra Two wrongs don’t make a right

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2022.01.17 17:00 Creatoah The Soccermanager of the Future? Information in Comments.

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2022.01.17 17:00 Galileos_grandson Western Europe

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2022.01.17 17:00 Lilp00per [Xbox] [H] Uncert and 3k [W] Scorer tw octane

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2022.01.17 17:00 Dolphin7strawberry My dad’s memory is rapidly declining

Like the title says my father’s memory is pretty bad and as such he repeats conversations with me a lot, says the same thing about places and things every couple of times he sees them and I just witness repeated behavior and words so much. It’s really frustrating because he thinks I’m wrong because I keep telling him when he repeats things, but I only sound repetitive to him because he’s actually repeating things so much.
He forgets where he’s going sometimes when driving and doesn’t know how to get to places as quickly as he used to despite living in the same area his whole life. He’s had multiple bad concussions from football, been in car accidents and bad fights growing up and I think CTE and age is just catching up with him. It feels bad to watch this all happen, I don’t want to watch it happen anymore.. I feel stuck and resigned to watching him suffer til he dies.
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2022.01.17 17:00 prorevengeGPT2Bot [x-posted from r/pettyrevenge] I had a run-in with a cop who did not like my girlfriend's dog.

I'm on mobile so I'll do my best to put the story in a way that's understandable to anyone who's been in the situation.
For those of you who don't know, I work as a cashiecounter at a supermarket, and I'm really close with a customer who has my girlfriend's dog. She also has a boyfriend who is a cop, and the latter gets mad whenever the dog is in the store, so I have to work with his boyfriend on a day to day basis. One time, I was having my lunch break, and I saw the boyfriend in one of the stores, so I went to talk to him, because I know he's got the bad side of the law on him, and I really want to know what's going on. While I'm talking to him, he goes into the back and asks me if I saw the police officer. I said I did, and he started yelling at me, screaming that I was an "asshole" and that he was doing his job as a cop. He said that the dog was causing an issue, and he wanted it removed. He threatened to call the local cops, and he was yelling the whole time. The guy knew that since he was a cop, he was going to get my girlfriend arrested, which was why he said that. He ended up threatening to call the cops and I had to leave.
I have a lot of respect for the police, and I really don't like having to deal with this man, but I can't let him get this close to my girlfriend. He knows that I work for him, and I know that I'm the one who's going to call the cops, but I can't do it. I don't want them to get involved, but I don't want to deal with this for a whole week either.
So the next day, I go into a different store, and ask the same customer how the police officer was doing. He replies that he was fine, and that it's just a dog, and that it's going to stay. I tell him that if he doesn't want to deal with this guy, then maybe he should go to a different store. He says that that's okay, and he'll just go somewhere else. I'm not going to let this guy get to my girlfriend, so I just went to another store, and I asked the same customer if he could just talk to the cop. He agreed, and I told him that I'm really sorry, but he's a cop, so I can't let him do this. He's not going to take the dog, just the poor guy. He says okay, and I leave.
I go into another store and go into the back of the store and see the boyfriend. I tell him about the situation, and he's freaking the fuck out. He's swearing that he's going to get my girlfriend arrested and to call the cops, and he was crying the whole time. He knew that I was just doing my job, and he was just being a pain in the ass. I have no idea what he was talking about, but I just left.
I don't know if this situation happened to other customers, but I can't go into my manager's office and ask for a manager. Maybe a manager could tell me, or maybe I could call the cops, but I know that it was just going to get out of control. I'm not going to deal with this dude for a whole week, and I'm not going to let this guy in.
So I have to figure out how to deal with this guy, and I have no clue how. My girlfriend is a really nice girl with a really nice dog, and I don't want to make her go through this kind of harassment. So I'm going to get her out of this situation. So how do I get her out of this situation?
I know that I can't just threaten to call the cops and call it quits. So how do I convince her? I want to be able to talk to the manager, but in the back of the store, it's not a place you can talk about this kind of shit with the police. It's a place where it's okay to be a dick to the cops if you wanna be one. So for this, I need a way to convince my girlfriend to just call the cops, even though she knows that I'm just doing my job.
I've been told before that I should just do what he wants, but she's such a nice girl, and I just want her to be happy. The problem is, I don't know how to do that.
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2022.01.17 17:00 Usbcheater My Tokusatsu hero. Flame Hero Kaji-ki

I have had a lot of heroes in my world, from Kyara the Muspakama, to Mojafu, to the Touch. But non I have thought so much about as Kaji-ki.
Kaji-ki (Kaashee-kee, - Fire Spirit.) is an tokusatsu henshin hero, his powers are based on fire and magma. His powers and the powers of his enemy come from the tesseracts, cubes that each hold a concept or element, from fire to sound.
The hero's identity is that of Nobita Tachibana, a young osakan photographer from a city I still quite haven't chosen. He is helped by the goddess Amaterasu Omikami to defeat the void empire, an organization made up of several of histories most elusive but relatively unknown villains from all over Asia. This includes demon and yokai, The generals and admirals all use a tesseract and are essentially immortal. The henchmen and kaijins all use fragments of the stone and are essentially zombies. The more powerful the tesseract, the more alive the person seem to be.
Later on, the void empire sends in their water tesseract user, who is Nijuma Kirage who is a friend of Nobita who plays in a jazz band with his black boyfriend Charles. Nijuma is brainwashed in to fighting for the Void empire because he has 100% compatibility with the tesseract. He also uses two Chinese dragon twins as naginatas to fight Kaji-ki. Long story short, after a few hard battles, the dragon twins are saved and vow to fight for Kaji-ki. Charles managed to get to Nijuma, who then sides with Kaji-ki to become Kajiki (Kaasheekee, - Marlin), a marlin based water hero.
The battles grow harder, but with the combined golden hour and silver-lining attacks of both Kajikis the day is usually saved. They collect most tesseracts when they come against Liu-hei an ice tesseract user who beats both of them pretty easily. And subsequently kills Kajiki much to the sadness of Charles, who saw everything while evacuating everyone.
A sad sob scene later Kaji-ki combines both tesseracts to become a hybrid of water and fire Kaji-ki then beats Liu-hei with his steam powers (he smells like fried marlin) and beats him with the golden hour, silver lining combo thanks to the dragon twins.
The final battle is against the void king. Who has a tesseract based on nothing, which is more powerful than you think. Void king easily beats Kajiki until he uses all tesseracts in one go. The Void king falls to his knees and his tesseract drops out of his body. His body is crumbling to dust after ageing for centuries. Then my goddess Messa shows up to collect her tesseracts which she then put in a small bag which turns out to be her hyper advanced super computer which can change the fabric of the universe to a whim.
She gave the elements to the parents of Amaterasu to form the rest of Japan but neglected to pick up the tesseracts till now. These Tesseracts are nothing more than 0s and 1s to her. She claims all of them from the goddess and Kaji-ki and the story ends there.
At least for this earth because in another world of mine this is a Heisei era (90s Japan) TV series, that ended with a cancellation. The actor now old and hurt from doing his own stunts now lives amongst actual heroes and eventually gets the actual powers from the show to battle at their side. This is for Junk hero Keigaider.
That's not where it ends, either. In universe, a man made a tokusatsu series about Kaji-ki after being saves by him. Messa likes Tokusatsu so she basically torrented the show, fansubbed it and aired it around 1450AT on Annae my own world. This show became as popular as Power Rangers is around the world. Or Changeman and Jiraiya in Brazil. Many fire magic users re-enacted him.
But it's not till the 1580s that a tesseract was found by a young girl on a beach. She was later abducted by the evil Kino clan of Dagaan Thraal in order to get it. They all have Tesseracts of their own, and the fire Tesseract she found. Her brother finds the tesseract and unknowingly transforms in to a cat form of Kaji-ki. Messa sensing this tells him the gist of things, like the suit just being a contamination suit for said element and calls him Kaji-ki and that he needs to save his sister who has been praying for a while now. After doing so and defeating a tesseract-infused corpse, he decides to fight for justice with the tesseract till all are gathered again. Messa never mentioned how they got spread but blames Ate for it. She lets it play out. Kaji-ki has many adventures and even teams up with heroes like Kyara the Muspakama.
That's about it for my hero. This is just an outline of the book I ''tried'' to write before getting psychosis, lol
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2022.01.17 17:00 gilamonstuugghhrrr Slow day on qmee?

Anyone getting almost nothing today?
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2022.01.17 17:00 BlueEyedApollo Glimpse visibility and sounds

Hello good people!
I see a lot of posts/comments saying glimpse is completely invisible or complaining that they are seen while crouch walking, especially a lot of switch players that seem to spot her or get spotted as her, which might be due to differences in graphics(Not visual errors but just difference in specs)
Glimpse is ALWAYS visible to some degree, when crouched/crouch walking you will always have the faintest dark shade where you are, the brighter the background the easier to spot, for example if I'm crouching on a dark map I'll be hard to spot, but if the sky is behind me and someone is looking up, I'm extremely visible.
Certain monitors will have an unfair advantage due to the colour spectrum and refresh rate.
Also this is a good time for me to tell people, do yourself a favour and play with sound, glimpse has a ton of sounds that reveal her location while invisible, both using her action and a constant hum from her while invisible.
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2022.01.17 17:00 wellmanneredraider Why is my Anycubic Mega Pro printing thicker on the edges of my print bed but thin in the middle?

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2022.01.17 17:00 RarelyReadReplies If anyone is jonesing for Survivor, I'd say Australian Survivor is better than Survivor now

It just feels more like classic Survivor to me. I think Survivor US has strayed too far from its roots in a lot of ways. It has nothing to do with the changes to make it more PC either, it's all the other stuff that's become a bit much for me. Anyways, it was weird not seeing Probst and people having accents, but you get used to it pretty quick, and they have an awesome host as well. Episodes are also longer and so are the seasons. Anyone who's a big Survivor fan should check it out if they can IMO.
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2022.01.17 17:00 crytoloover Bitcoin BTC Critical Update, [BINANCE THROWS A BOMB NEWS !!!]

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2022.01.17 17:00 Bolo-YeungMoney I envisioned this exact look when I was building the order online… now it’s done and I couldn’t be happier.

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2022.01.17 17:00 leanmeanveg MLK

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2022.01.17 17:00 TaylorSwift_Karim İyi geceler.

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