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Pink diamond 3 gold hard mode easy runs

2022.01.17 17:01 Relative-Dog-3580 Pink diamond 3 gold hard mode easy runs

psn umaddorkshutup
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2022.01.17 17:01 CanadianCutie123 What's your favourite song at the moment?

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2022.01.17 17:01 jossygold F25 am i hot from behind?💦

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2022.01.17 17:01 thakafaa +220 افكار اسماء محلات زهور مبتكرة وجديدة ومميزة 2022

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2022.01.17 17:01 ContributionDue4049 Tewtiy:we are the best bloon td 6 mod game players. Their art:

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2022.01.17 17:01 Hairy_Illustrator_14 (FOR HIRE) I CAN DRAW YOUR PARTY/OCS/FANARTS! "CARTOONYME" STYLE

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2022.01.17 17:01 Tuokaerf10 NGD! FSR Player Strat in Shell Pink. A lot more “pink” than “shell” but that makes it even more awesome.

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2022.01.17 17:01 fish_breath123 Should i continue with yt?

My small channel easily gets 5k views per video but my channel cant get monitized because i make compilations. so does someone have any advice. should i continue or change my content or get a sponsor or something
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2022.01.17 17:01 wbradleyjr1 UK Dr advises against taking any more jabs & explains that she believes they are about to get pulled

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2022.01.17 17:01 flying_path Enemy planes not flying?

Since the last update I have not met a single enemy airplane in the air, always on the ground by the hangar.
Is anyone else seeing this too? Is it some sort of bug, or a coincidence?
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2022.01.17 17:01 -FR0STY-one Garbage Fox Stripes on ComfyCush?

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2022.01.17 17:01 Syveril help with assassin positioning

This has bothered me since Set 1. When other players put their non-assassins in the back line, it makes all my units walk up and leave holes, with gaps for their assassins to get through.
But if I do the same, my assassins will leap forward and their tanks will IMMEDIATELY turn around and walk back to attack them, while my tanks have to walk forward? Why are MY units always the ones walking? What do I do to make sure it's THEIR units that walk?
Just today I put Darius with bodyguard trait active in the very back row, and he walked all the way up to the front line without taunting the assassin that leapt in front of his face. THEN the assassin didn't attack Darius, even though Darius was the closest unit, while Darius walked all to way to the front, and the assassin made a beeline for my backline.
Is there a secret code I can put in when I play assassins so that they only hit backline units? My assassins will always hit bodyguards multiple hexes away, while they're getting destroyed by an adjacent carry unit.
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2022.01.17 17:01 Ryzigger yo my mate just posted this dope shatter :0

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2022.01.17 17:01 DenzoGaming Layers Of Fear Part 1 <3

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2022.01.17 17:01 RaahulPokemon How to make moka pot with electric stove?

Hey all,
I am thinking of getting a moka pot in the next few months. But before I do, how do I make moka pot with an electric stove? Also, what setting do I do on my Baratza Encore? I have one of those electric stoves with the rotating coil on it. Do I just follow a recipe as normal or do I do something different since it is a coil electric stove? If possible, send me a recipe or a video to a good recipe. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as well.
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2022.01.17 17:01 flipzone Hathaway Carom Baseball Pitching Rebound Net with Steel Frame & Storage Bag, Blue/Black, 44" W x 60" H x 42" L $74.15 (lowest)

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2022.01.17 17:01 BirdzOnFire Kid Danger is out, comment the show you want out next

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2022.01.17 17:01 Hollowgamer_YT Redman is often seen as an oven by his “ friends “

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2022.01.17 17:01 PirateLopsided8259 0,07 ETH + 1 NFT (0,05 FLOOR PRICE) FOR EVERYONE

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2022.01.17 17:01 SYL_Falcon Crossfire X IS WEEKS AWAY| Here's What We Know| Crossfire X News

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2022.01.17 17:01 Hangan1 Some further thoughts on CK3 and how it deals with Islam.

I made a post on Islam in CK3 here a few days ago, titles "Some thoughts on CK3 and how it deals with Islam", and was told it wasn’t the easiest to read, so here is my attempt at a take two on the topic, this time sectioned a bit better but also more detailed.
A bit of background on me, I’m an amateour historian and am currently taking a bachelor in Religious Studies and hope to specialise in Islamic History as it’s something that really fascinates me, I started playing Paradox games when Sword of Islam came out to CK2, which drew me to try it and have loved them ever since. two disclaimers 1) I’ll “propose” some gameplay changes but am not good at mechanics design and especially game balancing, so take them as more of a thought training experiment on the subject. I’d love feedback and criticism if anyone has any. 2) I have so far mainly focused on early Islam, and on Ismaili Shi’ism, which will become clear in these sections being more well fleshed out than the rest.
I’d like to start out with a few Pro’s and Con’s with the current system of religion in CK3:

My thoughts as to fix this in an eventual Religion or Islam DLC / Update would entail centering all of Islam around the struggle for Religio-political authority, i.e claiming to be the Legitimate Successor to the Prophet.
I’d also divide Islam differently to be more accurate but also to allow for more variety and alternative playstyles:
Sunni 1: What is Sunni Islam now in the Base Game I would split into two main Branches instead of one along historical lines: First the Murji’ah, meaning those who didn’t judge Uthman and Ali if they were righteous Caliphs or not, these would go on to form the basis of modern Sunni Islam as they recongized all the four early Caliphs, and came to prominence during the Abbasid Caliphate, the Murji’ah would consist of three main sects:
This would have the strenght of representing a spectrum of early proto-Sunni tendencies, that were present at the starting date of 867 C.E, I would however have a coded an emergence / transition / reformation of these various into their later Theological counterparts, Asharism, Maturidism, Atharism and Mutazilitism, maybe even the possibility of Almohadism. (Those five also serving as an alternative grouping if this one is a bit to complicated), this change / emergence being tied either to decisions and/or the Caliphate, the requirement for the Caliphate among these would be the Hashimite trait or the Sayyid trait, and a Caliph of these orientations would generally be a vassal not a direct title.
I would also love a mechanic to include the 6 Schools of Jurisprudence mentioned, seperate from the Schools of Theologi, maybe as in CK2 as a decision, but could also be some sort “society” as it worked in CK2, not sure, allowing one to mix the two systems as one pleases would be very representative of how Muslim Dynasties worked, like Almohadism / the Almohad movement was based a mix of Ashari theologi and Zahiri Jurisprudence making an interesting cocktail.
Sunni 2: the second grouping I would make to replace Sunni islam I’m not sure what to call them, they are those who fought Ali in the first civil war (Fitna, 656-661 C.E) as well as fought between themselves in the second civil war (680-692 C.E), but naming them is hard as they are not really present that much later in History, but it would be those who didn’t recognize Ali as Caliph only up til Uthman and then diverged, so I’ll call them Uthmani, or a term for Revengers of Uthman might exist. As these would not be counted as Murji’ah cause they offered judgement on Ali. This was the affiliation of the early Umayyad Caliphate, exactly how long they would maintain their rejection of Ali I am uncertain of, as late Umayyad dynasty and especially their ressurrection in Cordoba isn’t my strenght, but I would maintain this over the current Muwalladism, the Umayyad line should be probably split along Dynastic lines, but this does also include other groupings.
These exist mainly to make the Umayyad Caliphate in Iberia an alternative playstyle, but also adds more historical accurate diversity, allowing one to pick up the cause of Aisha in the first civil war if one wishes so, this section can be fleshed out a bit better. But generally in this side the Caliphate would be a direct Ruler title, and the trait/s important would be Quraishite or Umayyad trait, and a disdain for Sayyid and Hashimite. The Partisans of Aisha might even have something about Female Champions to reflect Aisha’s role as a Military Commander at the battle of the Camel (656 C.E), to make them a little unique.
Moving onto Shi’a Islam, my thoughts off the top of my head is to reorganize the main branches just as with Sunni Islam, and that I’d love more historical groups, that are extinct today, but also there needs to be a better way to handle groups that border on self-identifying as Islam or outright reject such a claim. Shia Muslims are a broad movement with in Islam, that believed Muhammad had declared Ali his cousin as his successor, and that legtitimate rule needs to be traced through the Prophets daughter who was married to Ali, leading to a schism between them and the rest of Islam. I believe the best way to organise Shia Islam will be with 3 (or 4) branches:
Shia 1: the first Shia branch, would represent non-Imami Shi’a Islam, so roughly those that cut of before Imam Jafar as Sadig, or groups who more politically were Shia than dedicatedly pro Imamate Theologi Shia. I’d call them Shiat Ali:
There are more early Shia groups one could position here but these would probably be the main ones that would give some fun and interesting playstyles and possibilities. Generally these would see the Imamate-Caliphate as requiring the Sayyid trait, and the Caliphate would be a direct title.
Shia 2: The second group of Shia would be the Imami Shia, those who believe the Imamate goes in a direct line of succession from Ali and then from father to son, generally a development among those who recognized the Imamate of Jafar as Sadiq (d. 765 C.E), these would often be characterized also by a belief in the Infallibility of the Imam, these would seperate the Imamate and the Caliphate as titles, and only recognize the holder of the Imamate as the legitimate Caliphate, and the Imamte needs a feature to represent “hidden or Dissapeared” Imams, i.e when the Imamate is vacant, mainly though a Representative of the Imam.
Alternative Ismaili Groups
Main problem with these Shia Categories is that Twelver Shi’ism and Ismailism as we know them both take shape after both the starting dates, especially most of the Ismaili sects I have proposed, something I was much stricter on Sunni Islam with, and we'll see this same problem with the last Shia branch as well, but am unsure how to fix it properly. Gameplay wise generally I think these Shia’s would emphasise high learning / Devotion in their Imams or Representatives to represent their belief in their “infallibility”, where I believe the rest of the Muslim branches would rather emphasise high Prestige for the Caliphate, the Imamate would like with the rest of the Shi’ite be a requirement for a legitimate Caliph, but I believe these would require an even stricter trait than Sayyid, preferably a denoting direct decendance to Jafar as Sadiq, making available claimants sparse, forcing them to use Representatives more frequently as they have no trait requirement.
Shia 3: As for the last group of Shia, these are the ones ingame called Zanaqa or “Heretical” excluding Quranism which I have moved into Murji’ah and Qarmatianism which wasn’t viewed as that heretical except the Mekka incident, I am not exactly sure what to actually call this group as they contain unique Shia sects that have had internal and external debates about if they are Muslim or not, both historically and into the present day, while others are just Shia groups who are disliked by the others.
I think this will best be represented and gameplay wise by seperating the first group of these into atleast a pro-Islam group and an pro-independant faith group, but how to do this I am not sure, I believe seperating the Pro-Islam ones together with the other fringe Shia’s, while making a seperate non-Islamic Faith group for their counter-part, and I am considering if mixing this Non-Islamic Faith group with the Yazidis to represent a shared history of claiming Muslimness while maintaining seperate traditions, but am not sold on this as it’s a compromise on accuracy and representation, infavour of gameplay. This is however a touchy subject and a bit, one could also add the pro-Islam groups here under the Twelvers instead of seperating them.
These groups exist on the fringes of what in the time is seen as Islam and will be met with hostilities, by other muslims and the Caliphate, they will contest their place in the muslim world, but believe the best way to make them work gameplay wise would mean each of them working with their unique features to find unlikely allies, be it the Islamic Syncretic Faiths, or maybe Christians for the Alawites, Turkic Pagans for the Alevis, and Zoroastrians for the Adawiyya, same can go for their respective alternatives among the Syncretic Faiths. Generally these will have unique HoF's to rival / represent the Imamate of the other Shia's, and generally no living Imam, only representatives.
Alternative Faith group, and in lack for a better name here and now: The Islamic Syncretic Faiths: Muhakkima Now at the end it’s time for the Muhakkima, also knowns as the Khawarij, I prefer the first of these names, it means those who cast judgement, and is the opposite of the Murji’ah who refrained from Judgement, this is a broad group of early Muslim groups who recogniced the first two Caliphs but saw the third and fourth Caliphs Uthman and Ali as acting unrighteous and thus loosing the right to rule, and are famous for rebelling against them as well as killing them. I believe the structure of the branch in the game is actually pretty good, so won't go into details with them, and finding knowledge on them without reading Arabic is pretty hard.
However Gameplay wise, the Muhakkima would not require any familial / congenital trait for the Caliphate, but would demand high devotion and fame from the Caliph, making them very unreliable as allies for non Muhakkima Caliphates, and favour an elective Caliphate not inheritable.
The End Thank you for reading! I'm sorry this became so long, but hope it was an interesting read, and that this was a bit better set up.
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2022.01.17 17:01 yogthos The CIA is breeding nazi terror in Ukraine, and Canada is helping as a junior partner

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2022.01.17 17:01 samcam1212 I interviewed Chicago rapper Femdot!

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2022.01.17 17:01 BernardCottingham Accidentally worked overtime as an international student

I am an intl student and started working as a TA and as a part-time sde in another company for the term of Sep-December 2021. I thought the TA work was an on-campus(I thought it means the same school) job but it is not since the course I’m TAing is from another campus of my school, which belongs to a different municipality, so it is actually an off-campus job.
Now the problem comes, this situation was lasting for 3 weeks. And I need to figure out how IRCC calculates my weekly TA hrs. At the time I immediately adjusted the hrs in my sde job to not exceed 20 hrs/week in total. My TA payslip only shows I work for X hours per month, not per week, and X=total TA hours for four months / 4, for the overlapping period I actually only worked for 3 hours in my TA position each week.
So will I be risky for the PGWP? does IRCC average it? or they will request detailed weekly time breakdown from my school. I really really don't know my TA is off-campus till 3 weeks later….The TA hrs cant be changed, and I have been quite confused for many months.
Been to the immigration service at my school and they don't really know how IRCC thinks.
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2022.01.17 17:01 Whity_Acesnof Trying to do a Realistic Raider

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