I found a picture of the referee tonight

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2022.01.17 16:27 Enearis23 I found a picture of the referee tonight

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2022.01.17 16:27 AudioTech25 Good job little man.

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2022.01.17 16:27 Timely-Pomegranate66 Poor Roz and her luck HAHA

In the episode, “Taps At the Montana”, I laughed when I realized this is the third person who dies in Roz’ pretense! The elderly gentlemen dies, physically on top of Roz. In the episode, "Roz's Krantz & Gouldenstein Are Dead," Roz witnesses a gentlemen die while she plays checkers. To the following visit to her volunteer work at the retirement home, another one of her charges does on her as well!!! Poor RoZ! The angel of Death- hahaha!
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2022.01.17 16:27 chocolatecake93 29 [M4F] Telegram best friend

Hello! I’m a married guy looking to make a best friend/soulmate connection with a special woman. I live in Ohio, US so I am in the EST zone and would prefer someone close to my time zone. I’m a conservative and chivalrous guy with old fashioned values. I have no kids but don’t care if you do. I am happy in my marriage but just missing that special connection. Someone that I can be completely open and honest with. Needless to say, I am not looking to change either of our situations. I would love to be able to chat daily but I understand if you’re not able to. I know we both have our own lives that keep us busy. I work a professional white collar job but I can also be silly and not take myself too seriously. I would love to check up on you and see how your day is going, how your work is going, how your appointment went. Just the kind of stuff best friends talk about. If you made it this far, send me a chat or DM, I would love to get to know you!
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2022.01.17 16:27 No-Establishment8796 ...Stay hungry, stay foolish, stay BBIG... 🍹

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2022.01.17 16:27 nicholasbriola_f20 Problem

Hi, i have a problem on my game, when i shoot, only when i shoot, appears a probloem such as a flash of green/white/red, and it is very annoying, someone has the same problem? If yes, do you know how to fix it?
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2022.01.17 16:27 Kikrouille Aune X7s sound issue ?

I just received my Aune X7s and X8 a few days ago.
However, I realised that when I was at about 5% of volume or less on the X7s, the sound only comes in my left driver. The sound only comes in the right one above that point. I tested it with another headphone and it did the same.
Also, if I put my windows volume very high (like 90%), I can hear my music even with the X7s volume knob being on 0%, it's very very subtle but I can still hear sound.
Is that a bad unit, or is it a known issue ?
P.S. : I am NOT using the preamp out of the X8.
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2022.01.17 16:27 Lenacia Lady Sileth STRIKES BACK

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2022.01.17 16:27 FeedMeAStrayCat Anvil

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2022.01.17 16:27 Joebebs I count 6 shots

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2022.01.17 16:27 lemonjun21 首帖,最近一出墙负面情绪太重了。给大家分享下今天拍到的红嘴鸥。

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2022.01.17 16:27 MaxiG30 Je tribute maintenant venez dm

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2022.01.17 16:27 Susceptive [WP] Long after the extinction of humanity, a new species come across the last remains of the old civilization, a nuclear waste storage facility. The archeologists, hoping for great treasure, have awakened an ancient evil.

Hoppit Dark Metallic debris in orbit was the first tipoff. Something was alive on that planet, or had been. All the Scienceways petitioned like crazy to redirect course.
Up close the sensors revealed more. Topographical scans had the Agroways pointing furry paws at random pictures and swooning. They urged a closer look, ears and tails fluffed with excitement.
The Xenoways huddled around corners of the command deck, backs safely to the wall. Alien life? First contact? They pushed slow, methodical approaches. Safety in numbers.
Captainway decided the matter. Adventure called and he turned soft, dewy eyes towards the ravaged world below, searching for a good landing site.
The ship left a beacon in orbit and hopped gently, oh so gently, towards atmosphere.
Carefully. Curiously. Adventurously.
It took time to find anything of interest. Or rather, everything was of interest but all of it was oddly the same across the planet. An entire breeding season came and went while the Diggerways coordinated their teams to unearth ancient sites full of metals, oddly chemical-neutral building stone and synthetic compounds. Quite a lot of the last, in fact: All of the Longear crew became convinced the flexible material was some sort of foodstuff. Although that was a conclusion without any evidence-- no biological material was to be found. Anywhere.
Then they found the burrow.
It was the Diggerways, following their underground scans, who stumbled on an entire facility located far from any other site. Racial instincts reared up and the crew instantly became fixated on the idea. It felt right to everyone, an ancient callback to their own race's habits and preferences. Living quarters! It had to be; everywhere aboveground was ruined. Lifeless. But a burrow, beneath the poisoned dirt? Sensible. Preferred. Captainway directed all resources there.
Seven crew died on the first breach.
Ship sensors howled warnings: Radioactivity. Poison. Death. Quick as a flash the site became absent of anything with paws and a frightened fluffy tail. The burrow was not a burrow, or perhaps it was and something had gone terribly wrong. Either way it was danger, and it was for Dangerways to assess casualties and make recommendations. From a safe distance, naturally.
But of all the gifts in the Longears' evolution arguably the greatest was a disregard of losses. Trading lives for knowledge was simply the Way of things. It had been ever since the first of their kind looked beyond the trees and wondered at the clouds above. Their race was fast as thought, curious beyond belief and, above all: Numerous.
Which was not to say stupid.
Captainway had the ship fabricate new suits, first. With radioactive shielding.
The second attempt at breach went much better. Diggerways piloted excavation machinery to an open void in the ground barely a hundred leaps below the surface. The idea, supported by scans, was the higher spaces would have less radiation. And they were right-- when the circular drills breached the incredibly tough stone the first Fightingways to hop inside found an enormous square-cornered burrow filled with strange, alien machinery.
And they found the bodies.
Three of them, desiccated by time. Huddled sensibly together in a ball near a collapsed tunnel to the surface. Untangling each revealed a four-limbed being, like the Longears, but absolutely enormous in size. Easily three times longer than even the sturdiest Fightingway, with absurdly lengthy limbs and weird joints. Even dried out by centuries of time each of the burrow-beings outweighed the curious explorers by a hefty margin.
Their heads and features were haunting: Each of them had a smooth, curved skull with vestigial, sideways ears. Barely any fur remained on top. Two small, closely-aligned eye cavities rested below, empty gaze staring directly ahead into eternity. And most disturbing of all-- fully a third of the entire head was nothing but an enormous jaw fitted with narrow, blackened teeth that came to tips and points.
Carnivores with enemies, as it turned out: One of the oversized devices nearby had all the hallmarks of a primitive chemical igniter. Curious Scienceways matched it up with a long, ancient burn scar on the floor that went sideways beneath the dust. They followed it across the room until the blackened stone vanished underneath a haphazard pile of debris and heavy objects. Removing the debris revealed an enlarged metal door set in a damaged square frame.
Curiosity led twitching noses forward with pry-bars and cutting torches.
The door led to a steep staircase, each step ridiculously high for the explorers. A hundred helmet lights led the way down as they hopped, hopped, hopped into darkness, turning around at every landing. Radiation rose as they went, invisible and deadly, a poison that killed and changed with time.
They found the bottom a thousand leap-lengths underground, an impressive distance even for Longear burrows. Another bent metal door gave out into a vast cavern of stone and for the first time since the desiccated remains above the curious explorers found something biological. Something new, but familiar: Fungus.
A soft, thick pelt of growth coated everything around the broken door like a rolling carpet. It was gray and colorless until light struck at just the right angle, then rippled in waves of color that ran all the way into infrared. Bizarrely beautiful. Several Fightingways took turns touching it, feeling the familiar softness of living plants rubbing between suited paws.
Then it was forward, forward, noses twitching with excitement, into the darkness.
It was a metal jungle.
Tall racks stood in orderly rows from left to right as far as the lights would reach, their tops obscured in murk. Each was made from curiously slotted metal with long horizontal spaces between. It looked oddly like the sleeping-beds on the ship, if every Longear crewmate happened to be a giant. But the purpose of these racks seemed to be less about sleeping and more about storage-- each wide shelf held a single gargantuan vat, round and fat, five leap-lengths in diameter.
The mold loved those vats. It piled and folded over each in rainbows of color where their lights landed, dripping downward onto the floor in frozen waves like melted wax. The first Fightingway to clamber up the side found out why-- he fell right back down, covered in mold and howling in pain as his paws burned. The vats were radioactive, horribly so, all of it coming from long cylinders in the exact center of the mold growth.
The exploration party spread out a dozen Longears at a time, instruments and attention probing deeper into the cavern. Each gave the vats a wide berth, sticking to rigid walkways between the towering shelves. It was both like and unlike the forests of home, if every trailway between burrows was almost hock-deep in soft, pliable mold. Curious paws got into everything, soft eyes peering through faceplates and examining.
Strangeness accumulated.
Sturdy racks were destroyed, throwing dangerous radioactive cylinders across the path. Examination revealed damage to the metal-- burn marks, shrapnel, blasts. All the Fightingways agreed on the same conclusion: There was a battle here. An increasingly desperate one, it seemed. As they progressed more and more vats turned up ruptured or destroyed, their contents spread haphazardly. Suddenly the burrowlike closeness of the cavern seemed a little too close, a little ominous. Imagination provided echoes of explosions, alien screams, confined chaos.
It took an exhaustive amount of time to cross the cavern, but when they did the explorer groups were taken aback. There was another facility here, in the final stretch between where the racks ended and the walls met. An entire artificial housing with thick, black cables running away across the floor.
And for the first time the pervasive mold was nearly absent. Just a single line carpeted the floor now, leading from the last rack into the battered doorway ahead. An invitation.
They followed.
The habitation interior was cramped. Angular. Metal dominated the space in sharp edges and corners, fronted with huge banks of reflective glass and synthetics. Scienceways pointed and jabbered with excitement, identifying screens and terminals, possible input stations and sensors. Dead now, obviously. Whatever powered the facility was long gone.
Long gone. But not finished.
The mold ran around a bank of equipment and terminated in a large pile around a single, gigantic throne. A seat that supported the fourth carnivore, a companion to the three so far above. It sat there in rainbow-hued glory, presiding over an extravagant spread of mechanical devices, glass tubes and worryingly spiderlike tubing.
And then, down in the dark, before the suddenly terrified Longear explorers, it moved.
The body slumped and turned, part of the torso sliding around to stare without eyes at the lights. Ancient, sharp-toothed jaws opened. The entire mass heaved like a bellows. And from that maw an endless wave of spores vomited forth in a cloud that filled the air, coating every frozen crewmate in blinding waves of fluorescing gray. They panicked and scrambled, hitting each other and the walls in haste to escape.
Into nightmare.
The shelves were alive.
Explorers scrambled through narrow paths as shambling mounds slowly fell from every vat. The mold was moving, twisting and grasping at the darting Longears. The Fightingways struck back with plasma and flame, paw and hock, covering Scienceways and crew alike. But they fell, victim to greedy tendrils already growing over suit joints and helmets.
A dozen made it back across that cavern, dodging grasping death and radioactive hunger the entire way.
Four managed to climb all the way up the stairs.
One hobbled back aboard ship...
...covered in iridescent growth.

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2022.01.17 16:27 aaronpike1 how does this scam work?

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2022.01.17 16:27 Saint-Eren Years later

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2022.01.17 16:27 IronWolve Democrats destroy 10 million in PPE.

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2022.01.17 16:27 Few-Ball5169 NeftyDraft - Future of Fantasy Sports & 3D Gaming - ADA Cardano

NEFTYDRAFT is Blockchain powered NFT based fantasy sports and 3D Gaming platform powered by Neftylabs, powered by Cardano. The fun and strategy start here. Future of 3D Gaming and Fantasy Sports in Blockchain. Purchase player cards using the ADA (Cardano) as payment currency, build teams, and compete all season long , for next many years. Player’s name tied to position & superimpose over your card on the day of the tournament. The roster position will reveal which player is synced. For example, Green Bay QB#1 player NFT will be automatically synced to Rodgers on the day of the game.
Coming up multiple drops for Fantasy Sports and 3D gaming separately, the first drop was on 29th Dec 2021 and the second drop will be on 16th Jan 2022. NeftyDraft is verified on CNFT.io & GenesisHouse.IO. Get Ready for NeftyDraft Second NFT Drop, Jan 16th, 5 pm UTC, Sale will be open only for 48 hrs. Mint in a Pack of 10/20/50 Cards. A Maximum of 20 NeftyDraft players can be minted in a single transaction. Currently, NeftyDraft is available on Cardano only. In future, NeftyDraft will be introduced on multiple chains so that players from one chain can compete with other chain players, creating an inter-chain gaming experience and friendly competition between chains for both fantasy sports and 3D Gaming.
Entry to all the leagues for the first two years will be free. NeftyDraft team is always dedicated to contributing to the community. 30% of the revenue will be distributed back to the community in the form of giveaways /rewards/ sales. The rest of the revenue will be used to develop and maintain different community projects on Blockchain.

You can read more information on our website: https://neftydraft.com/

Check out our latest Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCNuO5kLqjwi5KM053_K_mQ

Join community and win Free Giveaways & ADA.

🎉🥳NeftyDraft Second NFT Drop will start on Jan 16th 5 PM UTC. Sale will be open only for 48 hrs🥳🎉
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2022.01.17 16:27 BryanGlendening If you take PED 106C weightlifting class, do you have to follow a certain workout plan?

I'm thinking about taking the weightlifting PED class. I've been working out for a while so I think I know what I'm doing for the most part. I just want to take this class because I understand it's basically attendance based and it would force me to go to the gym on a consistent basis.
If you've taken this class before, do I have to follow a certain workout plan that's in the syllabus or something? Or can I just check in and workout by myself for the hour that I'm in there?
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2022.01.17 16:27 PurpleTwinkie1 Blue staging labels

Anyone know where we can order more of the blue staging labels for fulfillment? Nobody seems to be able to find it here
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2022.01.17 16:27 Cosmic_Beard Ruby and $crim candles

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2022.01.17 16:27 likelis Online Malicious URL Blocklist issue

The list doesn't update correctly anymore ( is the last avaiable build), I believe this is due the fact there had been changes to the mirrors as it's explained on the gitlab page https://gitlab.com/curben/urlhaus-filter#domain-based-adguard-home
The only fix I could find is to add the list once again in the custom filters section (https://curben.gitlab.io/malware-filteurlhaus-filter-ag-online.txt is the right one for the browser extension, you can find the adguard home version on the gitlab page). I believe the android version is affected as well, but I can't test it.
I tried to report this on github, but my post has been deleted with no reason, and the support email hasn't given me any answer yet.
Could the adguard staff look into this?
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2022.01.17 16:27 YeWave Any streams today

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2022.01.17 16:27 Rus711 Actual footage of what cops see when XQC does RP.

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2022.01.17 16:27 RollandBowl Great News for Investors, Audacious Brands partners with Golden Triangle Health to enter the Asian market

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