2000 Jeep Wrangler SE in #picoCAD

2021.12.06 12:47 bencanfield 2000 Jeep Wrangler SE in #picoCAD

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2021.12.06 12:47 FNC_AKAGAMI The clock is ticking

The clock is ticking Its coming guys!!!!!
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2021.12.06 12:47 PrepSchoolMomma Newbie Shipping Question

I need to ship my product overnight mail. Does anyone do this? Can you tell me what shipper you use and how to get the best rate?
Thanks for your help!
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2021.12.06 12:47 groundfaller This is only a few cm's in size. Found in Western Utah near Crystal Peak in what is generally Ordovician Shale.

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2021.12.06 12:47 EveningChocolate1028 Which Region had the best main series Pokémon Games?

A lot of people complained about my last poll because of lack of game inclusions so I’d like to put a lot of them in categories. When you vote for one of these options, you are taking into account every GAME for that region and picking the region that had the best games. This question IS NOT based on what region you liked the most. If I missed your region, just know this will be a series of polls and I will get everybodies. Let me know which one u picked down in the comments.
View Poll
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2021.12.06 12:47 im_intj AMC Ecto Tins Available Again

AMC is taking orders again for January 2022 shipments it looks like. If you want to get one it may be a good time to order again!
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2021.12.06 12:47 RunOk7562 Disc golf backpack for 8 year-old

Any recommendations for a kids size backpack for my son (4.5' ft 50lbs)?
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2021.12.06 12:47 7ejejsj The first episode of my series "The Basis Of Fear" .

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2021.12.06 12:47 plsdontattackmeok Two songs from Utopia Album which is UTOPIA and Self Control will release early on December 8 by music streaming services (so far it's Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes)

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2021.12.06 12:47 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Motorist Assist W FLAMINGO RD and HOTEL RIO DR;wb eo rt lane 12/06/2021 07:42:26 AM
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2021.12.06 12:47 annatheginguh r/HankAaronAward quarantined: "It is dedicated to shocking or highly offensive content."

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2021.12.06 12:47 who_knows25 The holidays and family

Some of us here are partially, or fully, estranged from our families and I'm wondering how you all handle the holidays.
This is the first where I'm not on decent terms with them. I have no problems making other plans but am struggling when it comes to gift giving. It feels fake to give a thoughtful, personal gift but it also feels shitty to give nothing at all.
For my parents I've decided on a charitable donation and to have a holiday food gift delivered. My brother is a bit harder. For some reason I feel worse about just making a donation for him but there's also a variety of reasons that a gift "feels wrong".
How are you all coping with the holiday season?
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2021.12.06 12:47 fabzo100 Buy The Dip Is Easy, When To Sell Is The Actual Game

So many traders even influencers tell you to buy the dip when price crash. These are easy things to do. However, the harder question is "when to sell". It's dellusional to think people will only sell BTC at $100K, a lot of us would have sold earlier especially if you already got in since pre $6K.
Now use the same logic but with altcoins. Many VCs got into bloktopia, sandbox, decentraland, and all these other metaverse projects and already made 100x or even more gains. Obviously they would have sold. so even if the price crashes now, it's still more than 20x of these VC gains. So rather than trying to count "when to buy the dip", this should be your trading strategy "when do you think all these presales would have sold", and reduce that price point by 50%, that should be your entry.
For example, if you think many whales would have made a lot of money by selling BTC at $65K, that means your entry should be at $32.5K.
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2021.12.06 12:47 MlickyB Soundcloud Desktop Beta Recovery?

I've been trying to recover the old desktop version of the soundcloud app. They changed it to a version that just opens a microsoft edge weblink in a resource eating dedicated window. I went to my old computer and managed to recover the all of the files of older version i had installed and now have it archived. Is there anything that can be done with this? Wanna see if we can get this app back.
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2021.12.06 12:47 just_a_fruit_salad Antonio Gibson since week 10: 20.8, 7.5, 20.1, 19.6, overall RB4 (0.5ppr)

A week after he had his most productive game of the season, Gibson had another strong showing in an ugly WFT/Raiders game yesterday, logging his highest snap percentage, 3rd-most carries, and 2nd-most targets and receptions of 2021. He’s now produced with and without McKissic (concussion) in the lineup, logging 12 catches on 13 targets and a receiving TD in the last two weeks. Gibson’s seen at least 19 carries every game since week 10 and seems fully recovered from his shin stress fracture; have Ron Rivera and Scott Turner finally committed to utilizing Gibson as their true #1?
McKissic is still the best pass-blocker in the WFT RB room, but Gibson had several key pickups yesterday (although I don’t have the stats to see if he’s improving as a blocker this season). The WFT o-line as a whole was pretty abysmal yesterday.
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2021.12.06 12:47 NeMemuruAlkolByy LAN LAN LAN (önce matematik hocası sonra kemal vay be bu kadarı da fazla)

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2021.12.06 12:47 davidwparker CFTC Orders JPMorgan to Pay Record $920 Million for Spoofing and Manipulation

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2021.12.06 12:47 demelii Mega steelix 3584 8247 9989

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2021.12.06 12:47 BR3UKY End of a campaign, Reminiscing

Dear fellow adventurers and the gods that rule them,
This weekend I finished a year-long campaign as a GM and wish to share some stories with you. I will cut up the text in sections as follows:
The Players
First part of the campaign
Second part of the campaign
A farewell kiss
GM things

The group previously ran Rise of the Runelords with me taking over the GM seat after the beginning. I cut the campaign short as some players where leaving and we wanted to recruit new players, which is easier at a lower level. Our Rise of the Runelords was halted when the power source of the big bad evil was destroyed while the evil was sieging Magnimar. So the players did not defeat the evil personally but made it possible for the evil to be defeated.
The new campaign centers around the same area a couple of months later. So the weakened Magnimar citystate was the starting point for the trouble that the players were about to encounter.

The Players
The group is an adventuring group hired by an adventuring guild comparable to the Pathfinder Society formed by mostly inexperienced players. However, I had the honor of GMing for a group of scientist, who by now all have obtained their PhD.
The party face: kitsune bard follower of Desna. She formed the backbone of the party, her buffs enabled the rest of the group to shine.
The party tank: half-elf hunter with a wolf. He provided a major source of damage by dual wielding, while using his wolf as a roadblock for the more annoying enemies.
The party evil: gnome necromancer(wizard). He aspired to become the dark lord with his undead army. I did use the rule of no evil players and I should have dropped him to evil for his use animate dead, but in the end I did not. I simply banned animate dead after he left. That spell is made for GM headaches.
The party muscle: half-orc barbarian. He liked to collect weapons and hit things as barbarians do. He had an odd mental schism about honor in fighting and not caring about rules.
The party blaster: lizardfolk magus. Replacing the wizard and barbarian, he delivered both the punch and the spells needed for the party, while providing an interesting cultural abnormality.
Finally there is me: the main GM, but on rare occasions some of the other players (the bard and muscle) tried to run an adventure, thereby slightly breaking my forever GM curse. I played a utility wizard and later a summoner as the utility wizard was a bit too handy in solving mysteries.

First part of the campaign
The group started as an adventuring group running several small adventures. Feast of Ravenmoor was the first but I wrote my own adventures after that. The players would be presented with several quests and they could pick the one that intrigued them most. This resulted in mostly combat heavy adventures but there was some problem solving as well.
An early highlight (for me) was a quest about a village being attacked by creatures in the night. The party finds the villages hiding as far away from the nearby forest as possible. Leaving the village but taking their valuables with them, including a newly cut down tree. The tree had belonged to a dryad, who, now dying, had send her Redcap friend to avenge her. The party found her in her weakened state, but were not willing to help her murder the village so combat was initiated. The wolf of the hunter was put to sleep by the dryad and here the players made their first mistake. It looked like they were winning so decided not to spend an action waking the wolf, which the vindictive Redcap used to coup de grace the wolf with a scythe… dead wolf. The players were victorious but with a bitter taste. The replacement wolf was named Feykiller.
The party fought, crawled, and magicked their way through several of these kinds of adventures. The players came to grips with their characters and the numerous abilities. But at a slightly medium level it becomes harder to prepare several adventures and then discard some of them, people can only remain missing for so long before presumed dead. So it was time to work towards the next phase of the campaign.

A series of adventures provided the transition to a different dynamic of adventuring. First the players fought a undead invasion somewhere between Magnimar and Wolf’s Ear. This invasion was instigated by a group of Zon-Kuthon followers and led to the destruction of a stack of maps from the region around Ravenmoor. Then the players were hired by a company trying to make new maps to sell to Magnimar. Which led to a lengthy hex exploration adventure. Which had a rather awkward moment when the players encountered a group of friendly pixies with a wolf named Feykiller…
Here another highlight (for me) happened. The players encountered a village that was attacked. They found two sets of tracks, with one including tracks from villagers and soldier, the other only soldier. They follow the tracks of the group with the villagers and find a small castle near a river and a small military encampment on a nearby hill. They approach castle and ask about what is going on. The local lord informs them that a group of hobgoblins has taken some of his villagers hostage and, recognizing adventurers, asks them to get rid of these evil beasts. The party is happy to oblige and attacks the encampment. However, while murdering the hobgoblins they realize that the villagers are unbound and well treated.
Most of hobgoblins are dead, but some escaped. The villagers are saved, but explain that the hobgoblins were mercenaries hired by the lord to protect the outlying villages, but an unknown enemy force bearing skull and chain symbolism had attacked them and attempted to enslave the village. Some of the hobgoblins died in the fight to protect the village, trigger a part of the mercenary contract demanding extra pay of some of them died. The lord was not happy about this and refused to pay. A problem the players conveniently dealt with for him. The players were rather unhappy with this, one even threw a dice bag (with dice) at me! Which I took as a great compliment.
It became clear that an enemy army loyal to Zon-Kuthon had nested themselves somewhere near Ravenmoor. Worse still, the company that hired the party to make new maps got a higher offer from the Kuthonites and sold the maps to them. The players were paid of course, so they have nothing to complain right?

Second part of the campaign
The players solved some difficult problems (and created some but let us not dwell on that) for Magnimar, but with greater power comes greater pay. Or responsibility, the bard and hunter were granted noble titles and were given the region of Ravenmoor to rule, but as it now is their responsibility you no longer need to pay them as adventurers, smart politicians. So the party tries to fend of evil forces and build up the little town of Ravenmoor. Seeking new and old allies for aid.
On one of the missions to obtain building materials, the party encountered a person scream for help in a forest, which they knew was full of fey. Going through the bush they see an Atomie (a diminutive fey) and a rabbit. The Atomie proclaims: “Help me! My friend (points at the rabbit) tripped over a rock and is hurt!” The bard immediately recognizes the obvious lie but is stunned by the fact that the hunter does not even try to consider a trap and the hunter moves in to help the poor rabbit. The Atomie casts shrink item on the hunter’s +1 keen adamantine kukri (yes, a mistake by me as GM as that is not a valid target for the spell) and tries to escape but gets caught by the bard. However, the Atomie has more tricks up her sleave and casts invisibility on the kukri and pretends to throw it away in spite. A comical interaction follows, dancing between pleading and threats, in the end the horse sized wolf named Feykiller proves too much and the Atomie capitulates.
The final chapter of the campaign is resolved as the heroes destroy the center of the enemies power, a portal to the shadow plane used to supply and reinforce the army, defeating a umbral dragon in the progress.

A farewell kiss
The heroes are victorious but the final act of me as their GM is to give them a written message from one of their old enemies. A long time ago, during the exploration phase, the party had encountered a vampire nymph. They tried to fight her but they came nowhere close to being a threat. She played with them a bit before the party ran away. The vampire nymph pursued the bard because she caried a lock of hair of one of the nymph sisters of the vampire nymph. Separated from the rest of party, the bard quickly fell to the dominating powers of the vampire. She let the bard go instead of using bard immediately against the party, basically using her as a sleeper agent.
During the following adventures the bard was sometimes given some minor assignments or gained some intel or items to help them to drive of the Kuthonites. No major disruptions, the other party members did observe strange behavior (DC 15 sense motive), but simply did not care. In an old Thassilonian ruin some strange magic was floating around and the bard managed to break the bond between them.
The heroes are greeted by some soldiers carrying a note. During the heroes assault on the Kuthonites, the vampire nymph abducted a dear friend of the bard and demanded that the party traded the freedom for the friend. How this ends? I do not know, I ended the session and my part in the campaign right there.

GM things
I hope that you enjoyed the exploits of my group of players. The above is but a small summary as we played for a year on almost every Sunday. I would also like to share some the things that I used as GM, maybe it helps fellow GMS.
Gold level-up. There are often debates about level by exp or by milestone, but I turned a bit on its head by doing level by gold. I tracked the gold income of the party and used the wealth by level chart to determine when they level up. While this could give some extra perverse gold hunger, they players balanced morals and gold really good.
Army battles. Given the large scale of the campaign it became unavoidable to have two armies fight each other with the players influencing the outcome. I did this by setting up multiple encounters and let the players choose which enemy to fight and which enemy they leave to their allies, or to skip encounters and save their resources till later. Keeping a high pace can be difficult but the dwindling resources of the party gives extra excitement when they defeat the final objective and you describe how their choices haves influenced the battle.
Open initiative chart. I used a initiative chart open on the table for everybody to see each initiative, even those of enemies. It gives some tactical insight that players should not have at the beginning of a fight but the clarity it provides is worth it in my mind. And sometimes I would leave hidden enemies off the chart in the beginning to have them not too meta-gamy in the first round.
Player recap. Each session begins with one of the players (decided at random) recaps the previous session. This reminds the player of what happened and reminds me as the GM how the players interpreted what I presented.
Long-term NPCs. I had a small collection of NPCs helping the players. Most of these NPCs were weaker then the players and they did not help in combat. Instead, they supplied them information and other minor forms of assistance. This proved a good opportunity for drawing the players in a direction without pushing/railroading and they could offload things that would be tedious to do during the session. I made sure that each NPC had something unique to easily distinguish them for the players, some were recognizable just by the way they said hello.

Thanks for reading! Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any.
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2021.12.06 12:47 Like_d_stonk Which one of ye is this?

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2021.12.06 12:47 SkinnyYokozuna What is one rule workplaces consider "professional" but is really just stupid or degrading?

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