Adept GM Loot vs Adept Trials Loot. One requires flawless and one doesn't.

2021.12.06 11:19 OmNomShivan Adept GM Loot vs Adept Trials Loot. One requires flawless and one doesn't.

You don't need to go flawless to get a Grandmaster Adept weapon, Adept mod, or the activity dependent mod Big Ones.
In D1, you didn't need to go Flawless to get Adept weapons.
If a player gets a 7 win ticket, they should get the Adept Trials Weapon on offer that week.
At least the 1.
Top players won't care or play worse if the rest of us get an Adept Shayura's.
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2021.12.06 11:19 friedrice419 Installing programs on Budgie

Booting Budgie from a live USB to try.. Trying to download ProtonVPN. Downloaded a .deb package to install.. But clicking on it gives no prompts to install, and can't find any package manager in the files or software. Brand new to Linux.. Not really understanding why its so complicated to do basic stuff.
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2021.12.06 11:19 SuperSirLink Titanic modifications so far…

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2021.12.06 11:19 OGNfinitii [US-IL][H] Kei R1 (Red Bottom, HHKB) [W] Paypal

PLEASE NOTE THE TIMESTAMP, there is 1 small scratch on the ano (front left of the board). No other marks/scratches aside from that. USPS Priority Shipping included in price, only looking to ship within the United States. Please comment before PM'ing. Reddit Chats will be ignored.
Kei R1 - $500 - Built, selling with the ePBT White Blanks. The remaining ePBT set on the tray will be shipped in a bag with the Kei. - STILL AVAILABLE

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2021.12.06 11:19 HeyDeidara [OC] just some rem fanart :D

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2021.12.06 11:19 memymomeme Appointment of Nigel Little as Non-Executive Director (Replacing Viscount Astor)
LONDON, UK and CALGARY, AB / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2021 / Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited ("COPL" or the "Company") (CSE:XOP) & (LSE:COPL), an international oil and gas exploration, production and development company with production and development operations focused in Converse County, Wyoming, USA, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Nigel Little as Independent Non-Executive Director. He replaces Viscount William Astor who will step down from the board with immediate effect after six years.
The board would like to thank Viscount Astor for his significant contribution to the development of the Company.
Nigel Little has a distinguished career as an investment banker spanning more than forty years. Until 2009 Nigel was Vice-Chairman of Canaccord Capital (Europe) Limited as well as Executive President of the investment bank's UK and European operations - a position that he held for seven years. As a leading investment banker and specialist in the natural resources and energy sectors, Nigel has significant experience in the oil and gas equities markets, having been involved with capital raises for a large number of UK and international oil and gas companies.
Nigel's long financial service career includes senior roles at HSBC James Capel where he was Head of Equity Sales and a Senior Executive, Morgan Stanley as Head of Pan-European Equity Distribution and Nations Bank Panmure where he was Head of Sales and Trading. He was also Head of Downstream Investment Banking at Nomura, an Advisory Board member of Kleinwort Benson Bankers and a member of its Private Equity team, and a Senior Advisor to Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance.
Arthur Millholland, President & CEO, commented: "I would like to thank Viscount William Astor for his dedication and efforts during the last six years that made a tangible difference to COPL. His contribution during the last year in particular has been invaluable, when he was willing to stay with the Company beyond his planned five-year tenure, as we have successfully bedded-in the transformative Atomic acquisition.
"We are delighted to have someone of Nigel's calibre joining our board as he brings a wealth of oil and gas and public-company markets experience to the fore. As announced last week, COPL is now operating in a position of great strength with an increasing oil production rate at our Wyoming assets and we look to the future with confidence."
Nigel Little, Non-Executive Director of COPL, said: "It is clear to me that the Company is embarking on a very exciting period of growth with proven and unproven reserves ready to be exploited by the highly-efficient and sustainable facility in Wyoming. With bright prospects and the opportunity for a re-rating of the stock there couldn't be a better time to join the Company and share my insights and expertise."
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2021.12.06 11:19 BrightscapesArt Waddle I Do With Myself [artist store]

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2021.12.06 11:19 ThePoorAlwaysLose Timelines: "The treatment phase for the study has been completed with topline results expected in the first half of 2022 and a biologics license application (BLA) expected to be filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the second half of 2022"

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2021.12.06 11:19 RADiCALRUX .:Wasteland DJ:. I have built many things in #Fallout76. From Vehicles, Flying Balloons, A Fusion Submarine, A Noodle Bar and hundreds of C.A.M.P.s. But these turntables mean the most to me.

.:Wasteland DJ:. I have built many things in #Fallout76. From Vehicles, Flying Balloons, A Fusion Submarine, A Noodle Bar and hundreds of C.A.M.P.s. But these turntables mean the most to me. submitted by RADiCALRUX to fallout76settlements [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 11:19 SmackityDoo Garages to park a car

Hey everyone, as a Christmas surprise to my wife I'm paying to have her mother's old Porsche shipped up here. It's in need of a lot of work, and I need somewhere to park it for a bit. Does anyone have any suggestions on garages or places that rent spaces like that?
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2021.12.06 11:19 memeh2021 Toolbox return question

I bought and assembled a 5 drawer tool cart. The top lid is skewed and doesn't open/close properly. I want to exchange the cart for another. Do you know iff HF will let me buy another cart, then return the bad one for cash after transferring all tools to the new cart?
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2021.12.06 11:19 WalruswithSunglasses Does she like me or is she just being friendly?

So this coworker of mine has been kind of hot and cold with me lately and it's driving me crazy on what to do as I don't want to make things awkward. She started at my work about 5 months ago and although we work different shifts (she's mornings and I'm nights), she occasionally picks up overtime and works nights with me.
We hit it off really well from the moment we started talking, we have a lot of similar interests. Maybe the third or fourth night we worked together, she started doing small things that made me start to question her like throwing a straw wrapper at me out of nowhere and telling me a lot about her personal life like her ex and stuff.
We were on break one night and she offered to buy me food that she was ordering (hasn't been the first time) and also wanted to watch a video with me. After the video was finished, we still have some time to our break left over so I said "I'll give you some time to yourself, I'm sure you're sick of me" and she responded sarcastically saying "oh yeah, totally sick of you! That's why I offer to buy you food and wanted to watch something with you".
A coworker has picked up on us getting along and has kind of been trying to be a wingman although I'd say it anything he's been making things more awkward (for me, she doesn't seem to care). He has said stuff like "I told ___ that he should ask you out for drinks and see if he can out drink you" to her in front of me and she smiled and turned and said "I could totally out drink you". One morning she came in an hour early and seeked me out at my post and said she wanted to bother me for a while. We got to talking and I asked her if she met one of the new guys yet and what she thinks of them. She shrugged and said "I dunno. I kind of zoned him out when he was talking to me. Pretty sure I answered everything truthfully but to be honest I kind of zone everyone out". So I said "oh geez, thanks that's good to know" and she quickly corrected and said "No I don't zone you out. You'd know".
A coworker invited a bunch of us over to his house on Friday and we both went. She got there a little later but once she did, she essentially stayed by my side the entire time and mostly just talked to me. She also gave me a ride home and we were talking about concerts and other live events we've gone to. She mentioned that she really enjoys going to Broadway shows and I mentioned I've never been to one. She said she's always down to go and I said well I don't know much about them but if she sees one she's interested in, I'd be down to go to one with her.
Now I know all of this sounds like she definitely seems to be at least somewhat interested but here's the cold part. We traded our discord information and we don't text each other through there often and when it does happen, she either gives me one word responses or answers or has completely ignored my messages other times. She also is on antidepressants for severe anxiety and depression so I'm not sure if that could be affecting how she feels or interacts. I know she talks to other coworkers at work on her shift a decent amount, one of them being a close high school friend of mine. But when I asked him what they talk about, he admitted that she's never talked about her past to him nor has she traded numbers or contact information.
The other thing that makes me have my doubts is that she lives quite far (over an hour drive from my work) and I don't drive so I use public transport to get there. By car, it's about a 10 minute drive. Not sure if that would affect her interest or not as well.
Shes so cute though and I really want to ask her out. I'm just nervous I may be getting ahead of myself and she may not feel the same way. Not sure what to do.
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2021.12.06 11:19 yuqing666 Day 4 stop gambling hope I can last forever

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2021.12.06 11:19 Interesting3944 PMO is like highly refined sugary foods(candy). The real thing is like natural sugar found in nature(Fruits).

I think this analogy works best since both PMO and sugary foods are based on our natural desires respectively : One is to reproduce (I think this one is stronger) and the other one is to survive (we need this more often).
The more candy you eat the more you loose your taste for sweet things. Candy is Concentrated sugar and our brain likes it a lot since it thinks its getting a lot of energy. Similar to PMO which is telling our brain that we are reproducing with thousands of women and we are desirable.
Fruits are much healthier and should be consumed more often (always in moderation tho). It is packed with nutrients and energy that keep you alive and on the move. Similarly, the real thing is you reproducing plus love, safety, and fulfillment. (dont know much abt this tho lol but this is what I think it is like)
If you starve yourself or fast your body will start to regain its taste and you will enjoy foods much more easily.
YOU WILL HEAL AND RECOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on improving my fellow Fapstronauts!
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2021.12.06 11:19 2canb1 Starlink. I didn’t see any photos of the Saturday evening Starlink passage over Charlottesville Virginia so here is my picture…

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2021.12.06 11:19 NewsElfForEnterprise I drive my plug-in hybrid in electric mode — making gas prices an afterthought. Here's what I've learned.

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2021.12.06 11:19 Damiondevil Truth

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2021.12.06 11:19 YouWantToKnowWhoIAm Potomac River, VA

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2021.12.06 11:19 DANRDHRD This cat knows where it’s at

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2021.12.06 11:19 jimmyzeet Good news with the SiCo BOGO

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2021.12.06 11:19 Efficient-Dimension5 [FOR HIRE] Illustration and portrait with anime style, start from $5

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2021.12.06 11:19 Tenebris27 If someone has done this before, I didn't know. But still...

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2021.12.06 11:19 TrueNorthAmerica Alberta firehall first in Canada to construct safe surrender box as alternative to baby abandonment

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2021.12.06 11:19 ich_brauche_baldrian Was passiert mit einem wenn man von Geburt an Blind & Taub is?

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2021.12.06 11:19 Etoile_delanuit Healed moon - used 5RL— let me know what you think ! Flowers are not perfect for sure and K was done by my best friend who had never done an SNP.

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