Allied Universal ghost anyone else?

2021.12.06 12:37 CaptainFyrestorm Allied Universal ghost anyone else?

3 times now, within the past maybe 7 months-ish, I've applied for AU, did the stupid video interview, got to the next process, set up a phone interview, confirmed it, they confirmed it, then they just straight up didn't call me. Yes, I realize AU is terrible, but I'm desperate. I believe I applied there before sometime last year, but I was in between like 6 other security companies at the time (including retail.) I ended up taking another job, but I wasn't a jerk about it. AU guy called me the day of me accepting a different job, I straight up just told him I decided to move forward with another opportunity, and thanked him for the consideration. Maybe I got blacklisted from that? Then why even text my number to set up these interviews?
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2021.12.06 12:37 Huge-Weird5523 GoCases referral code for 20 free coins

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2021.12.06 12:37 yesntvailable Is it weird for me to NOT wanna exist in anybody's memory or be missed at all? I just want everyone to forget about me so that I can walk away from everything w/o hurting them

I just don't wanna exist. That's the point of everything. I don't want anybody to remember me as if I never came into this world, it's way better than dying since dying will only traumatize the people who love me and walking away while others still remember me would also hurt them. Even if they come to hate me, I'll just be a filthy memory to them.
Right now I exist. I'm still alive and is living just like every other human. I've been feeling sorta disconnected from my senses and sometimes I just lose it. Whenever I look back at old photos, it literally feels like I'm looking at another person. It makes me feel empty. Like I've lost something precious and now I'm just nothing. I've lost my friends, I've lost my social skills and I'm not good at anything that I used to be good at anymore. It feels like my life has been overtaken by my own shadow and I'm just a soulless body that only responds in the way that I think is right.
Tldr; I guess I could say I feel like an NPC or maybe I'm the only person living and the others are just life figures that were programmed with certain feelings and react in certain ways idk
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2021.12.06 12:37 OnyxiasLair What's are some good non explicit songs to play in a bar?

I'm getting bored of constantly listening to Motown, Elton John etc (standard bar tunes), so I told my boss I'm gonna make a playlist.
Any suggestions for upbeat, non explicit songs that are a bit different to a standard Spotify bar playist?
Instrumental stuff is good too
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2021.12.06 12:37 cmcdonal2001 Late autumn hike with my son, Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Columbia

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2021.12.06 12:37 theradio_star f17 tired high school student looking for new friends! preferably other girls but anyone is fine! [friendship]

i'm never really sure where to start writing these kinds of posts lol. i'm more of an introvert so most of my spare time is spent at home with my dogs. i also really like to listen to music and i draw occasionally. i have a pc and quite a few multiplayer games, so we could totally game together sometime if we click! i'm looking for actual genuine connections on this sub so please only message me if you have the intention of committing to an actual friendship lol. i won't respond to low effort one word dms, thirsty dms, or to anybody who's older than 21. please have discord and please be available to vc too!!
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2021.12.06 12:37 East_CentralKyWx Kentucky Weather

I plan on posting more in my subreddit KentuckyWx. Make sure to join and post about anything related to KY weather!
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2021.12.06 12:37 realtreecam0 Support does not respond

My account was hacked 4 months ago i have never heard back from support and have emailed them and tried contact them through the support page on the website. i would like to maybe play the wipe coming out soon :)
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2021.12.06 12:37 hawkeye685 Is using selfies in my profile bad?

I may be setting up my own profile soon, and an article I read stated to not use selfies. Should I take that advice? Does it really change anything? Also how many photos should I include? And of what? Thanks
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2021.12.06 12:37 AltrossGamez There's So Many Boss Zombies! - (Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Custom Zombies Funny Moments!) Thanks for watching the video, consider subscribing, and I hope you enjoy!

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2021.12.06 12:37 King_0f_Salt artillery painting question

so I have yet to paint any artillery. I'm looking at painting up a few batteries at the start of the year. How much time would you allot for painting the gun? would there be any extra time painting crew versus the same sized scale infantry?
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2021.12.06 12:37 rhinocerousfeet happy monday!! its gonna be a great week, i can just feel it! /s

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2021.12.06 12:37 candamana Is this a Mexicanum or a Bipennifolium? The middle leaf has me thinking it’s a Bip…

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2021.12.06 12:37 Lord_Osse This movie is gonna be so good

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2021.12.06 12:37 Necessary_Pain5494 SantaBonk - 7% busd rewards | Chart is mooning | Great planned marketing strategy

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! SantaBonk is the latest BONK token on the Binance Smart Chain. It has a strong community who like to BONK and know how to slurp. Buy SantaBonk and hold to earn BUSD rewards every hour!
Supply 1,000,000,000
LP burnt
10% Tax

Every buy or sell transaction is taxed with a 10% fee., 7% of them are converted to BUSD and reward to holders, 2% is used for marketing. This is very important to increase or holders and new big investors. 1% we are going to use for increase the liquidity and stabilize the price.
With SantaBonk you are going to have huge BUSD rewards, so you is double benefit for you. Just holding if our token makes a x100 you win more!.
Side trivia - the contract ends in "beef". This was purely random and has nothing to do with the contract itself, but that's got to be a good omen!
Contract: 0x3fe191cb269f9beffb241b7e8413761363adaa04
Buy Now:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
With the current hype of BONK tokens, we will aim to provide people the most secure place for them to invest. So here we have gone back to basics, and what we mean by that is - honesty, guaranteeing that you can secure the maximum amount of profit!
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2021.12.06 12:37 kajle187 Proud of you!

I just want to say that this community can’t stop surpising me! I am so proud of everyone and I see $RIDGE going so so high!!!
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2021.12.06 12:37 McTF0fficial To censor a username

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2021.12.06 12:37 KitcoNews WisdomTree Launches new European commodity ETF for investors to hedge against inflation

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2021.12.06 12:37 Adriand3 Mutation action

How does the mutation action work? You can do them as on basic action during your turn whenever you want as long as you have a contamination card ? Like how can yiu actibate the mutation that allows you to choose the noise roll?
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2021.12.06 12:37 Xanek "Good luck ‼️✊✨✨" - Happy 2nd Anniversary & 3D art by Kureiji Ollie

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2021.12.06 12:37 christeen__h Puffco Peak Pro flashing Red/White. Halp.

Okay, so Ive gone through and did the following already: Cleaned the chamber and atomizer with 98% iso alcohol. Like cleaned it really good and let it dry overnight. I’ve also did a reset twice now. Annnd I turned it on and off. Oh! And yes, it’s fuller charged. And this thing is still blinking red and white. I don’t know what to do next. I’m just very annoyed at this point.
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2021.12.06 12:37 YAAFLT Which legacy maps do you think should be added to Infinite?

The maps in Infinite are all pretty good in my opinion, but I feel like a lot of the maps from the old games would be incredible with the current sandbox, so I am wondering which maps everyone thinks should be added from the old games.
For me, The Pit seems like the map that would be the most fun with the new sandbox. It would be a great map to implement the threat detector into quick play and ranked and would be another map in the ranked playlist that would have snipers as the power weapon, with potential room for a sword as well. It would also fill the void of a mid-sized map since all of the other 4 v 4 maps are very small in comparison. I think everyone can agree that The Pit is one of the best maps in Halo's history, and it seems like a no-brainer from 343 to add it to the game in order to generate some goodwill with the fanbase.
Let me know what legacy maps you want in the game and why!
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2021.12.06 12:37 Grouchy-Marzipan-712 Nat type says none is this ok?

Soo I've opened my port and hooked up my new attena when I ran my diagnostic I noticed my nat type was symmetric. So from what I read I need that to be static but I had to turn my upnp on then off in order for it to read static.but afterwards my miner went relayed . Now I have inbound and outbound and my nat type says none am I ok? I've checked my port and everything looks cool on the diagnostic.
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2021.12.06 12:37 timewilltellyouall Am I taking a risk beyond the worth with Hyundai?

I put my down payment on a 2022 Hyundai Elantra hybrid (blue) about two weeks ago. Now I did some research beforehand, and ultimately it was fairly shallow reasons why I chose the Elantra hybrid over a Corolla hybrid. I like the looks, the exterior and interior, the multilink suspension, the beautiful electric shadow color. Frankly though I see so many posts of horrible things going wrong with Hyundai, new and old.
Is anyone able to justify picking a Hyundai over Toyota or Honda based upon engineering alone? Am I going to be stuck with a car that is going to have an exploded engine in 2 years because Hyundai accidentally added the wrong oil? (See brake line fluid recalls of 2014 2015, or engine failure of so many around the same year)
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2021.12.06 12:37 Piece_Radiant 4jnet billboard in NYC

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