Alva Jay Full Sex Tape

2021.10.19 23:49 IGBootyLover Alva Jay Full Sex Tape

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2021.10.19 23:49 Koziumi_Mahiru Hai, I just wanted to let you all know. I made a Hidden in the Sand edit of Charlie on my YouTube channel.

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2021.10.19 23:49 adulthumanfemale666 Does listening to an audiobook count as “reading a book”? Why?

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2021.10.19 23:49 TwirlyGirl313 Ok, it's time. The great oven debate

It is time (past time) for the oven to get cleaned.
I know I can't use the self-cleaning feature with birb in the house. I'm guessing that also nixes anything like Easy-Off.
How do you guys clean your ovens without harming your birb? I saw a recipe with baking soda and vinegar but I'm not sure it would work.
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2021.10.19 23:49 TruffleShuffle9477 ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING pc stuck on ROG screen. (Can’t access bios)

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2021.10.19 23:49 haggisaddict H: BE25 fixer + any 2 legacies W: 3* AAE NU laser

BE+P GP BE90 NU laser BE15c Tesla DE15c ult laser QE90 ult laser TSE15 GL TSE90 Tesla
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2021.10.19 23:49 Azhdehah Pencil and ink commissions. 8$ a character or 10$ a party. [artist]

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2021.10.19 23:49 AmazingPie6451 Margot Robbie

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2021.10.19 23:49 roshjobbins69 An idea post great bastion battle video: siege fog of war.

So after watching the cinematic battle it made me think about how you could make sieges more interesting without changing the ai much.
Fog of war for siege battles.
I feel like most of the cheese or cheats you get as a player come from the ability to know exactly where every unit the enemy has is placed, and being able to react to it. Now the fog of war I picture in my mind still gives you a general layout of the city,but doesn’t show units or defenses unless you have direct line of sight. Let’s face it no one is going to walk in to the most heavily defensed part of the city, they’ll just walk around to the side that isn’t. It would also prevent siege weapons from being as powerful as they are in sieges if you can’t just sit back and pelt the enemy from afar.
Maybe if you have a flying unit they get a brief bubble of line of sight on an area while flying over. Maybe if you take the walls you get an expanded line of sight making the walls useful to hold.
This is all from the perspective of the attacker, I don’t know how this would work with the Ai attacking you. The only thoughts I have are how buggy the ai gets if your entire army has stalk.
It would definitely make it more challenging for the player, but in the end I think it would be more surprising, rewarding, and realistic.
What are your thoughts?
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2021.10.19 23:49 Jdaddynowison Huhuehue

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2021.10.19 23:49 New_Edge360 How manu rename you want? "No I just wants to copy" lol

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2021.10.19 23:49 itsnotjoeybadass How do LGBTQ+ Muslims rationalize their beliefs?

I am a hetero cis-women and I left Islam partially bc it didn’t match the scientific findings that I’ve been taught in school and also because of how it treats women.
I consider myself a strong feminist. I support women’s rights. I support women. Islam didn’t match any of that. I remember reading the Quran while trying to fight my disbelief and immediately having my disbelief solidified by how women were described.
So how does the lgbtq Muslims come to terms w this? Why are they ok w it? Why do they accept this? What sort of mental gymnastics does it involve because I literally don’t understand.
Islam isn’t nearly as bad to hetero cis-women as it is to the LGBTQ community. We still have more rights and yet some of us still disagree with it and the ones that don’t, though I don’t agree, I can still understand to an extent why they do believe. In some instances Islam does benefit a woman. But nowhere does it benefit the LGBT community.
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2021.10.19 23:49 Coder_X_23 Ommegang Neon Neon Rainbows

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2021.10.19 23:49 rensev9 .

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2021.10.19 23:49 Sgt_pooperfartin Just some slings who got rehoused today:)

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2021.10.19 23:49 shriek52 New music periodically playing over the regular Freeplay in-game music?

It's been happening to me since a few days before the update... I can't post a video or anything, but every now and then, this slightly "epic", soaring music is playing over the regular in-game music and the weirdest thing is, it keeps playing or randomly starting again when my game is minimised (which was honestly the oddest thing the first time it happened, I thought my phone was going insane).
It can't be just me, but I haven't seen anything about it here so far...
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2021.10.19 23:49 Antonio463 Idiot sped down a bike lane, cut in front of traffic and proceeded to slam his brakes when high-beamed once, causing a pile up up behind. Speed off as we took photos…

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2021.10.19 23:49 Plus-Flan-6820 Madison's married or engaged in s6?

I think we can assume for how she has her hand in the first picture that she is hiding a ring
I'm a kevison shipper but i try to keep my hopes very low, and it will be easy to assume after the season finale that they will be together, i think they want to fool us with the phrase Madison says "i told you twelve times this morning". They look more comfy with each other but it could be because they are co-parenting. What do you think, will they get married or they are just with other people?
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2021.10.19 23:49 Leading-Rain-3078 PC Midwest looking for people to play ranked with.

Name in game is snipingjet
Discord is jet#0427
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2021.10.19 23:49 Altruistic_Ad_7461 Please help my mom be motivated. [Discussion]

Some context: My mom, mid 50s, and I are living in USA while I am in high school here. My dad and my brother are in China. My mom hadn't worked ever since she gave birth to me, around 17 years ago.
So now, basically all she does is drop me off and pick me up at school, and make meals for me. Other than that she does nothing but watch tv and sleep. Honestly I feel very bad for her, and I am sure she feels very bored too. She even asked me what is the point of living. To be honest, I am unsure what she can do to be more productive or more enjoyable, so I am seeking help here. Any advice for her is appreciated!
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2021.10.19 23:49 ZoolShop NBA, Coinbase agree to multi-year partnership ahead of 75th season

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2021.10.19 23:49 Champagne_poet Y R WOMEN SO HOTTTT????

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2021.10.19 23:49 reimkarton Cornell Early Decision

Does Cornell require mid year report for early decision applicants?
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2021.10.19 23:49 RockNRollToaster Panks

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2021.10.19 23:49 FwDorisdavenport132 How good are you at reading people

I feel like I’m… okay at reading people
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