What’s the point of corruption invasion

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2021.10.20 02:04 Mammoth-Internal-278 What’s the point of corruption invasion

The gear is garbage and it seems to not count on xp so is Azoth and orb parts the only value to doing these monoliths ,portals, ?
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2021.10.20 02:04 Deplizz78 I've never seen this talked about

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2021.10.20 02:04 El_HP99 Impostor Tricks:

I don't know if (some of) you already know this, when you play as impostor, did you know that you can simultaneously lock (any)doors while doing (any)sabotage. Like for example; press the Sabotage Reactor, and quickly(before the sabotage buttons blacked out) press the cafe doors lock. If you have a quick fingers like me, you can also close up to 3 to 4 doors, try it...
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2021.10.20 02:04 Fickle-Bag-741 Hello guys, let's start an interesting conversation


Nice to meet you. I love to talk with people, and I can talk with you about life and some interesting conversations, but not about pornography.
I like playing golf, watching movies, diving, swimming, skiing, low sky diving, bungee jumping, I have many hobbies. Looking for friendship but also looking for serious conversation and relationships,
I like the style of American libertarians, and I also think Americans are very gentlemanly and polite.
If you talk to me and you treat me with respect, I'll treat you with respect, and if you don't treat me with respect, I'll treat you with respect,
And I don't like to force any of you to do one thing, and I don't like any of you to force me to do anything,
If you are interested in us, you can send me a private message.
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2021.10.20 02:04 dandanidakk I don't miss you

(English is not my first language so, sorry if this doesnt make sense)
I don't miss you. and that says a lot about how i feel about you, because you know how much ive missed you in the past. But when i think about you now, i just can see the moments when you disrespected me the most, all i can feel is you beating me up like you did that night, all i can hear is you blaming me for every pain that you gave me. I tried, i really tried to keep in contact with you and be the best friend that i thought you also were. But fuck you, i don't miss any of that anymore.
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2021.10.20 02:04 zerolifez Those maining new jobs, what's your plan come EW?

As an aspiring Reaper main I got a few question for you guys maining new jobs.
Will you start leveling them ASAP? Or will you finish the story with your existing jobs first?
Do you prepare gear for them? How will you level them? Also can anyone explain the WT tricks to get your new job to 71 ASAP?
Thx all
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2021.10.20 02:03 r_u_ser1ous why is it hard to trade mfr Arctic reindeer off (btw I’m trading it so u can offer)

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2021.10.20 02:03 dilemmax 10yo Citiz and Milk - worth restoring?

The owner decided to retire the machine as it has started leaking water after brewing coffee.
Instead of sending it to the landfill, should I try to restore it and then give it away? I don't mind spending money on replacement parts if it's cheap.
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2021.10.20 02:03 silveall Morning views from the tent on Haikkaanlahti of lake Saimaa

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2021.10.20 02:03 ZoobBot 180974

This is the 180974th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.20 02:03 Sharp-Principle-7698 Long term accountability friend

Hi! Trying to change my career and finding it a lonely process sometimes! Looking for a friend for accountability and to help keep up motivation for both of us. I’m a good sounding board . Timezone CET (GMT +1). Ideally looking for a good daily chat (c. 10 -30m) on weekdays at a fixed time, for the longer term.
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2021.10.20 02:03 PokeHarry My dog has been licking her paws nonstop because of a red area between her paws. I’m not sure what it could be. Help!

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2021.10.20 02:03 KnucklezKid Moving Target - NYC X-T30, xf23mmf2, Ektar100

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2021.10.20 02:03 NokCha_ [Viray] Kerr on Nemanja Bjelica: "He's much more than a shooter... great passer, just a really great basketball player. He enjoys playing with the team because he gets to play his game and not being pigeonholed... Guys with great feel have always been a great fit for us."

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2021.10.20 02:03 R42ToMoffat cuteness

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2021.10.20 02:03 FileWasTaken Wednesday

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2021.10.20 02:03 QueenJulia16 Alliance names

Can only be 3-7 characters? But other alliances names are way longer. What's up with that?
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2021.10.20 02:03 QueenJulia16 Alliance names

Can only be 3-7 characters? But other alliances names are way longer. What's up with that?
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2021.10.20 02:03 s4msy Angry baby is angry

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2021.10.20 02:03 BassBurr25 Lauren Cohan

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2021.10.20 02:03 malaya100 Should I take an interview after accepting offer?

Hi all,
I recently accepted a in person job offer in the medical device industry as a RD engineer for $70,000 a year with a 7% salary bonus each year. Start date is in 2 weeks, however; I just received an invitation for a phone screen interview for a larger well know company in the same industry but as a Project manager in R and D with a salary offer of 130k a year, with a salary bonus each year, sign on bonus, and stock options and this position would be mostly remote with travel twice a month to site location. Should I take the interview or keep to my original accepted offer?
Note: I live in orange county.
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2021.10.20 02:03 EricSchC1fr Whatever propaganda works to suppress wages

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2021.10.20 02:03 Tobi_Westside What could this compounded prescription be used for?

The pharmacy I work at received multiple pescriptions for an older patient. Along her normal meds there was tge following formulation:

Does anyone know/have an idea what this could be used for? The only thing I could find were cosmetic uses (mainly for the hair) or maybe for sore skin.
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2021.10.20 02:03 dlukenelson1 [W] Looking for a couple this week: Phoenix/Magneto

Here are a couple I'm looking for this week if you've got 'em.
Trial of Magneto #3
Phoenix Song: Echo #1
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2021.10.20 02:03 Puzzled_Orange1626 Hyperspace personality

So I got a hit in. Just one big one. I am not measuring the dosage, I need to. But regardless. Took it in and immediately could feel it working thru my nervous system and tingling all over then all a sudden flashes of images like a collage of photos appeari g jn my field of view changing rapidly to another similar image. Pics are very random. So I grab my phone to see if they appear on camera. Well I couldn't get the damn app. Bc this hallucination was alive and had a personality. It was messing with my phone screen layout and moving it all around organizing the tiles and moving so I couldn't get the camera open. Wow. That lasted about 10 seconds and now nothing. Was that all? So I need to take a larger dose
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