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2021.10.20 02:08 maxvideo127 Continuarán las tormentas esta semana en Coahuila

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2021.10.20 02:08 SteO153 Moscow Introduces New COVID-19 Restrictions Amid Surge in Cases

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2021.10.20 02:08 yummybanchan 🍑

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2021.10.20 02:08 Someguynamedkylef Apes Underestimated.

I love Adam Aron. He’s combative. I love it. GG and KG planed their Report for yesterday, as they knew Monday was going to be a high sentiment day. They tried yet again, their hands at another FUD play, but you cannot stop innovative minds like AA’s, especially if all you think of is personal greed like GG and KG do. So they paired this bullshit with a nice accompaniment of a series of ladder attacks, but they are only prolonging the inevitable. Apes are buying a higher and higher stake and eating away at more and more of their fake shares. Soon they’ll have to pay for those and then some. Just a matter of time and patients. Apes own AMC!
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2021.10.20 02:08 PARYG0N So How do we Know Each Other?

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2021.10.20 02:08 alexis_xmany anyone else ship hatold and dvaev?????😦😦

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2021.10.20 02:08 rollsreus390 Better ST in 442 Next to Dembele

View Poll
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2021.10.20 02:08 Arvin_Abhay How do I make the background , the same colours as the album cover showing?

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2021.10.20 02:08 prodbypioneer "Have Mercy On Me" | Pop Smoke Type Beat

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2021.10.20 02:08 emilymathews58 RCIA-Rite of Acceptance

Hi friends! I am currently coining through RCIA and will be attending the rite of acceptance in December.
I have an anxiety disorder and was wondering if anyone would mind sharing their rite experiences to give me an idea of what to expect? And what to wear? Just to ease my nerves about the process 😅
Thanks so much and god bless!
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2021.10.20 02:08 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-ralph-waldo-emerson-28

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2021.10.20 02:08 Miobravo lady jogger.

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2021.10.20 02:08 Sugar_crossing HELP I NEED ADVICD DOES SHE LIKE ME

Sorry for the huge mega rant but I need help fr fr fr pls help me. All I want is your opinion. It doesn’t have to be great advice, just what you gather from what I say. I need outside opinion.
Okay. So I’m a lesbian. And I have a crush on my friend. I’m a sophomore and I’m 16 and she’s a junior and she’s 16. I’ve known her for about 2 years. She knew me as a middle schooler while she was a high schooler for a while, which is kind of bad for my “not appearing too young for her” thing.
Now, we’re friends and all but it’s so odd. She’s impossible to read. She has a dominant and loud personality, and she’s hilarious. I just literally can’t tell if she hates me, if she finds me annoying, if I’m just there, or if she’s flirting. It’s literally impossible.
If you were a junior, would you go for a sophomore? She flirts with me but I can’t tell if it’s a joke. That’s kinda hot tho lmao. She’s pansexual if that matters idk.
She’s pretty, but not stunning. I’m prettier (is that shallow I have no clue) but her personality is so so so amazing and she’s so freaking talented.
She doesn’t follow me back on Insta which is sad, but she only follows people in her grade and above. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN IS THAT BAD IDK. We snap, but she leaves me on delivered for a long time. When she does reply, it’s a full face but what if she sends that to everyone like idk.
Sometimes it seems like she’s ignoring me and thinks I’m an idiot and then ten seconds later she’s talking about how she wants to see me drop it low or something. I just I- idk.
Do u think she just likes me as a friend? Or does She just not know I like her? I’m scared to tell her cuz we’re together every day and probably will be because of show choir and theater for the next 2 years. We literally go to a private school, there’s not many people so it’ll be awkward. What if she gets weirded out?
Okay here’s some specific examples. Ik ur gonna be like “omg she totally likes u” but PLS BE HONEST. Like she’s the type to say this as a friend probably. She’s so sarcastic and funny and I know u don’t believe me when I say she’s hard to read but I mean it
We were coming out of our choir room and she stopped and looked at me cuz I was wearing a long sweater with thigh highs, and I’ll be honest, it kind of looked like I was wearing no pants but ofc I was. And then she goes “ugh you look so good all of the time.” And I said wow thanks but it looks like I’m wearing no pants.” And then she said “Let me have my imagination.” LIKE BRO WHAT I MELTED THATS SO HOT TF and then I did the fuck boy face and walked away.
We went to our homecoming game with our friends and that’s when we saw someone with pink hair. She told them she likes their hair, and then I did too. That’s when I was like “ah I’m so attracted to dyed hair.” And she said “like me” and I said “mhm” and I have dyed hair as well so she said “me too.”
Other stuff like she tells me I’m pretty and all that but I literally can’t tell if she’s just saying that to say it.
Today at musical rehearsal:
My friend starts singing and I do too. Then my crush starts to dance. She goes “damn I wish we could shake ass on stage” and I said “I literally do in the finale like I face the back when we do that one move and I’m gonna expose myself.” And then she said “damn I wish I could see that but I’m on the other side of the stage.” And then I said “it’s okay I’ll just do a solo performance just for u later.” And she was like “bet. I’m trying to let women know I’m available.”
I know how it sounds you guys are all gonna be like “omg she likes u” but bro sometimes she just like ignores me and doesn’t talk to me or looks at me like I’m crazy. What if she’s just saying that I don’t know. Or what if she thinks I’m pretty but just not datable cuz I’m younger yk? We’re both 16 though. But still- what if she thinks I’m like a little sister or something? Or what if she doesn’t even realize I like her? She makes fun of younger kids like she teases them as a joke and it’s funny cuz she doesn’t mean it but what if she thinks I’m a baby.
My friends say I have one month until they tell her I like her themselves. So I need help pls. If I screw up and make it awkward, we’ll still be forced to be together every single day for the next two years. But I like her a lot. What do u think? Does she like me, does she like me as a sister? I know none of you know her, and it’s hard to explain her personality since sometimes she’s so loud and crazy and then sometimes she’s serious and shushes everyone and in charge idk. It’s so confusing.
Pls be honest cuz I rlly need to know and if she doesn’t like me back then idk. I only gave examples of good things but really not that much happens. It’s so odd like idk I just can’t tell with her fr. Or give tips on what I could do to flirt with someone like that.
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2021.10.20 02:08 UwUiD New bedrock update added sculk sensors

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2021.10.20 02:08 Baxterz [WTB] Burton AK Jacket. Size medium

Hey guys looking to upgrade my jacket for this season. Looking for something in the Burton AK line in size medium. Let me know what you guys have!
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2021.10.20 02:08 indiediscotheque Cassette 87 - Skyline

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2021.10.20 02:08 That_Government_6153 What are my other options?

I am a PGY2 at a workhorse psych program. I feel the training I am receiving is not preparing me to be an effective psychiatrist. Moreover, I just fucking hate my job. I have no empathy anymore. Unfortunately, medicine in general continues to feel more and more futile and I kind of feel like I should have never gone to medical school at all. I do think I chose the wrong program though and that is part of it.
I am having SI on a more than weekly basis. I am not planning to act on it, but it is getting more frequent and I find it comforting to dwell on. I only get it at work or when contemplating having to work. I am lot otherwise depressed, but I am more irritable. I love my friends, my spouse, my hobbies but I just don’t see how I can do this for 3 more years, let alone for the rest of my career. So, what are my other options?
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2021.10.20 02:08 17jetsons [PC] [Discord] | PVE/PVP Clan | Chill Community | Recruiting Active Community Members

"Limit Break was born of a desire to create a place where anyone who is kind and mature can call home. Our community is built of people from all walks of life and all skill levels, and we're always looking to add to our ranks. If you're looking for a chill community where your opinion matters and your commitment is rewarded, we may just have a spot for you. Won't you come join us?"
Hey there, Guardian! Thanks for checking us out...
We're a fairly new Clan with founding members of varying skill level, looking to grow our community of like-minded individuals who are looking for a place to plant their feet and develop their skills. We understand better than most that it can be hard to find fireteams of trustworthy people where you feel comfortable either running end-game content, or simply asking a question. With that in mind, we're not requiring our recruits to have a minimum Light or skill level. We currently have tons of new players looking for the same things you are, and we have many veterans who are willing to teach you the content you may not have had access to in the past.
For the past couple of months since we began this journey our community has blossomed with active, strong-willed individuals who are helping players with both end-game raiding, as well as starting that 1100 light level New Light Campaign for the very first time. Most nights we have multiple active full parties partaking in different activities simultaneously. Season 15 is in full swing, Season of the Lost is HERE and we have Savathun lurking eerily on the horizon -- we're so excited for you to join us on this path toward BEYOND LIGHT and, well... beyond.
As we expand and build our Clan, we are only asking that our members are active, mature of mind, kind, and willing to help grow a Destiny Community that we intend on becoming one of the best when all is said and done. The only reason we've had to let go of members is for causing problems with or for other members, and for inactivity. We've defined inactivity a couple different ways so far, but ultimately if we see someone join our Discord and our Clan, and then never show up again, we'll kick them. We want to keep our finite clan spots for the individuals who want to interact with everyone and are actively participating. Don't worry if you're shy! It's ok, lot's of us are. Just be willing to interact in our chats so we know you're a committed addition to our team.
If you're still not sure if this is the place for you, ask yourself if you fit into one of the boxes below:
New Players
Have you just purchased Destiny 2 and you're so overwhelmed that you can't even shoot straight? We have a safe space for you. Are you returning to the game after a hiatus and your old clan disappeared, or you've never found those mates to raid with? We're endgame raiding too, and want you with us.
Veteran Players
Do you have max light and are looking for a new group of people to run endgame content with? What about Trials? We have a couple 1350+ light level members versed in both and would love more! We're on the cusp of running Master VoG after the LL jump, and now that GM Nightfalls are available we're pushing for completion hard.
Helpful Players
This one is important to us, but not required. Do you find yourself enjoying helping new players understand the game so they can join you in endgame content? Do you like Sherpa-ing? Are you comfortable in an environment where people are free to make mistakes and learn from them? We would LOVE to have you.
Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons to give us a shot:
- Friendly, LGBTQ+ welcoming community with pronoun roles - Community events such as game/movie nights, giveaways, and more - Home to other gaming communities alongside D2 that you can also join - Awesome branding!
Ultimately we just want people who are friendly and looking to have a good time in a game that we've all come to enjoy. We hate watching (in any gaming community) people feel left out and quit because they were not given the little attention it sometimes requires to make it over that hurdle and become a sound, skilled player.
That's it.
Come join us! Click the discord link below and follow the easy instructions in the #game-signup channel where you can assign yourself the Destiny role. Then, check out our #rules page for our Community Guidelines where we outline the characteristics we've mentioned above. If you’re confused after that, you can check out #destiny-faq for more info as well. Many of our members have been in our Discord community for years, so we tend to host party game nights and movie nights too! We have Founders and a great new Staff team who are always ready to help with open arms!
Occasionally, we even host giveaways...
Discord: https://discord.gg/qSCpfDjF
Website: https://www.limitbreak.cc
If you have any questions that weren't covered in this post, or you've clicked the discord link and you've become lost, or you have no idea what Discord even is, feel free to send them to fox@limitbreak.cc or message him on Discord at FoxLTD#7800, he handles all of our recruitment and public clan management.
We'll see you in the shadow of the Traveler, Guardian.
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2021.10.20 02:08 Harshdeep_2021 The Soul Nebula

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2021.10.20 02:08 Ok-Ice1427 How is this possible? I am getting KEY FAIL on my MENU button, but able to reboot by holding the menu+play…

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2021.10.20 02:08 Neil_Weaselboots Any plans for a Halloween or Christmas theme event?

Would love to see some Halloween stuff on the game, skins, locations decorated etc. Especially for Christmas, maybe the map gets some snow, skins aswell
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2021.10.20 02:08 Esperaux The idea of conquest “helps to legitimize dominations”

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2021.10.20 02:08 shaboozeybot The Chilluminati Podcast - Episode 123 - Ed Gein Part 3: Be a Good Boy, Ed - Chilluminati

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2021.10.20 02:08 maggoy_33 Weird compression

I have an '86 base model FC, motor was rebuilt by eccentric motorsports in 2016. I bought it last week and decided to compression test it a few days ago for shits and giggles. (Used piston engine compression tester w/ deleted schrader valve) and got 90 psi on all faces of the rear rotor, then 70-70-90 on the front rotor. What are your guy's thoughts? Is my shit fucked?
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