2021.10.20 00:56 DDDIIIMMMEEESSS Day15

Nothing to fear.
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2021.10.20 00:56 crytoloover UNISWAP.ORG how to create an account with Metamask?

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2021.10.20 00:56 cryptictesticles Oxford professors abused position with sexist and drunken conduct

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2021.10.20 00:56 Kreuzberg13 Who did this! Great job.

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2021.10.20 00:56 SSJAncientBeing I finally got to play Dread, and it exceeded my wildest dreams

I was terrified of getting spoiled for the period of time I was unable to play Dread in, but luckily I managed to escape and enter ZDR unscatched. And oh boy am I SERIOUSLY glad that I did.
Let me tell you, my hype for Dread was off the charts. My expectations were extremely high, so high I figured it couldn't possibly live up to them. Not only did it meet them, it went beyond them.
Everything about the game was amazing, and I haven't been able to find more than a couple of nitpicks wrong with it after my first playthrough and a half. The soundtrack, while not like catchy, is extremely impactful to the areas, not least of which the soundtrack of the EMMI zones instilling that tension in your heart. The music is by far the weakest part of Dread and even then it's still really good.
The mechanics are smoother than ever. All of Samus' movement options make her feel faster, more agile and more in control than ever, and it feels GOOD. Combat is fast and engaging and challenging. I'm not sure there was a single boss that I didn't die to at least once besides some of the rematches with Chozo Warriors. Especially the EMMI sections, I lost track of my deaths in those.
The upgrades were wonderful, the old ones felt as good as ever and the new ones were some of the best parts of Dread. Spin Boost was a great holdover to the Space Jump, while I was expecting the Spider Ball at the sight of some upgrades behind crumbling blocks (and am slightly disappointed it wasn't included but it's fine), the Cross Bombs were an exceptional addition. Storm Missiles are freaking brilliant. Usually by the end of a Metroid game, Missiles aren't nearly as strong as your charged beam weapons, but Storm Missiles are a fun and powerful way to get around that, and making actually grabbing missile expansions more worthwhile since you can legitimately run out of missiles if you're using a lot of Storm Missiles.
And while I didn't play Samus Returns yet, the Aeion powers felt amazing too. Phantom Cloak saved my heard from bursting out of my chest at times in EMMI sections, though it is slightly disappointing that it doesn't have any use besides opening doors elsewhere. The Flash Shift is absolutely brilliant, and I'm kicking myself for not using it more in the first playthrough (I almost never used it as a combat option, silly me). And the Scan Pulse is a really nice alternative to finding blocks. Yeah some people say it takes some of the exploration away but man in my mind it just saves me Power Bomb ammo since otherwise I'd use them to uncover all the blocks anyways.
But honestly, while some people might think of it as not a primary focus Metroid should be taking, the story was one of my favorite aspects of the game, and the atmosphere it created. I love that they shook things up by starting Samus mid adventure and needing to escape the planet, rather than breaking your way into the core to fight the big bad. The sheer tension of EMMI sections never really went away because they kept getting more and more dangerous. The game didn't let you feel like you weren't clawing and struggling to survive until they very end, and even then, Raven Beak brought that feeling right back.
I do wanna talk especially about my favorite point in the story though. I loved Metroid Fusion, and thought the X-Parasites were terrifying. And honestly, until that teaser, I didn't think that the X were gonna have any part in the series after Fusion. Even after seeing the old teaser, the rest of the promo material made me think it was either going to be a minor piece, or else bait (which the latter was kind of true).
Words cannot explain just how HAPPY I am in just how much Dread pushed over the dangers of the X-Parasites. The game opens with Adam acknowledging that the reward for the mission isn't worth the risk, but Samus' personal experience with the X push her to do it anyways. You can feel that lingering fear from her last encounter with them. But things don't stop there, oh no.
My single favorite part of the game, was when you entered Elun. Things were too quiet, the place was desolate. And then, when that fateful door opened, and an X-Parasite was floating there, oh my heart stopped in the most hyped of ways. The X weren't merely a story point, they had their Fusion mechanics back and better than ever, taking on more dangerous monstruous versions of your foes, being absorbed upon defeat or reforming into another entity if you fail to do so, and watching them combine to take on more dangerous forms.
But even better than that? When you were leaving, and you see the X swarming out of Elun, dear god I could feel just how weighty that impact was. In Fusion, the X certainly seemed dangerous, taking on forms and having infected the station you have to clean. But while Fusion had you enter basically after the fact and deal with the situation after it started and continued to unfold, Dread makes you watch as a hostile X takeover begins. It's downright terrifying, within maybe an hour, you can tell that the ENTIRE PLANET has been overrun with X-Parasites. You see the infestation happen. You might even be the reason the planet was doomed, what if it wasn't Raven Beak that set them free? What if entering that sector and opening the door was all that the X needed to begin their takeover?
And even better is that in the times following, you can see the X float into areas you were just in, infect the creatures, and turn them into their dangerous amalgamations, their mutated, horrifying forms, and becoming much stronger for it. This not only does more to put over the dangers of the X-Parasites, but also works in making the entire game MUCH more difficult by making every single enemy on the entire map a much stronger version of what it once was.
Furthermore, I love that we see the X further demonstrate their dark intellect by trying to kill Samus by freezing the planet. Just... I could gush for hours about how much I love how Dread did the X justice. It's all too rare that a game recognizes the lore it sets in place in its gameplay. But Dread goes the extra mile to make sure that the X are every bit as dangerous in game as the history would suggest, and I love it.
I don't want to spend too much longer here, I've already written a decent sized essay, but I do have a few more things to say. Map design was gorgeous as always and the planet felt linked nicely. The bosses were fantastic. I LOVE that not only did they remember that part of the longevity and fun of Metroid was the sequence breaks that the most skilled players could pull off, but they ACTIVELY reward you for doing so, as seen in the Kraid fight where you can kill him almost instantly if you performed a sequence break to get Bombs early. But besides that, they don't make it clear at all that you even can, it's tucked so far out of the way, and requires so much foreknowledge that it still doesn't quite fell intended, even though it obviously was by inclusion of the Morph Ball Launcher in the arena.
There are only a few nitpicks I have with the game, and most of them find themselves on the other side of the coin of a positive aspect. I can't even call most of them genuine complaints, because they're so minor and the rest of the good stuff outweighs it to a ridiculous agree, but I did notice them.

I should cut myself off here, but I freaking love Dread. It was well worth the IMMENSELY long wait, and in my opinion, is the single greatest Metroid game now that it's out. The development team really took their time, and it speaks volumes that it was put in hiatus for YEARS because software wouldn't allow the original vision to be realized yet. The level of love and quality and adherence to what makes Metroid great, it's practically unparalleled, and I'm not sure we could ever get a better Metroid game. I don't think Prime 4 could possibly live up to what Dread accomplished, but god I hope it does.
If anyone bothered to stick with my word wall for this long, thanks for reading my thoughts. I'm excited to be able to engage with Dread with others now that I don't have to avoid the community altogether for fear of spoilers, and would love to hear your own thoughts about this masterpiece.
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2021.10.20 00:56 Lunastar1985 Book suggestions?

What are the most trusted books in regards to learning about the cards for beginners?
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2021.10.20 00:56 strangerthingssteve ISO Glow MVP Amp

Show me what you got. Just trying to get ready for glow leagues. Last disc I need for my bag.
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2021.10.20 00:56 Apprehensive_Jury_56 Abuse. Multiple Victims. Help desperately needed.

I will keep this brief as I'm still in shock and I need answers quickly. I may delete this post once I'm given solid direction on how to proceed.
My sister just confided in me that our father molested her until she was about 15. He did the same thing to our little sister (F22) and also my half sister's fully biological sister (who is now 30).
My youngest sister (the one who is 23) is currently living with her 3 year old son our father in a 2 bedroom apartment. It's a very controlling situation and she rarely leaves the house.
My goal is to get her out of the house along with her son. But I'm not sure how to do that as she is 23 and can make her own decisions. We've gotten her in better situations before, but my father was able to villianize those that help her, and she runs back to him. She's very obviously been influenced by my father, and I didn't fully understand why until this bombshell.
The second best scenario is just pulling her son from that apartment if she decides to stay. He'll be separated from his mother and It's not ideal, but at least the kid is in a better situation. She currently has no job and our father is on disability. He has been dragging his feet on helping her find a job. Also, he's aggressively insisting that her son be homeschooled.
How do I proceed next? Without killing him of course (which I've considered).
I will answer all questions to provide more clarification that's wanted.
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2021.10.20 00:56 crytoloover Safemoon explained in Tamil | Lovely inu latest updates details | lovely inu Wazirx

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2021.10.20 00:56 crytoloover Safemoon Gambia wind mills are next level.. 🚀

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2021.10.20 00:56 cshawty23 Controlling friend can’t accept I have new boyfriend and am changing

I’ve had a best friend since intermediate school and we’ve always been very close. Me (23F) her (24f). We currently live together in the same flat and have done for 4 years now. In the past year I met a guy I liked, funny, smart, amazing! Also has a lot of friends I have really made a great bond with. We just clicked and since then we’ve wanted to spend heaps of time together. Noted - it’s almost always time spent at his, we just feel more at peace and like we have our own space here.
Since spending more time with him and his friends I can understand why my friend does feel neglected. However; whenever I would come home from spending the weekend at his, I would feel the hurt and resentment from both her (and her boyfriend) who we also live with. It’s like they are so attached to me and the single person I once was, that used to spend so much time with them. It really has built up and effected my mental health after such a long period of this happening.
The more time I spend with my boyfriend and his friends the more my best friend resents me and gets mad. It’s now to the point I don’t even enjoy spending time with her anymore, she is always pessimistic and I feel as though she truly isn’t happy for me that i have all this positive change in my life and some great people. I understand why it’s hard for her. But she is so attached to me and controlling - often sending me messages guilting me and judging my choices for wanting to spend time with my boyfriend.
I’m stuck. She’s a loyal friend I’ve had for ages but who is causing me major mental health problems now. I’m happy in my relationship and have been considering moving in with my boyfriend for awhile now. Do I need to cut her off as a friend too? We’ve just drifted apart so much and we don’t really have anything in common anymore? Am I bad person?
Advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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2021.10.20 00:56 crytoloover Iotex (iotx) coin price prediction in hindi | Iotx coin today news | Iotex price prediction in hindi

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2021.10.20 00:56 StarWight_TTV Career mode, backstage brawls, blatantly cheating AI

I am only even playing this because it was on PSNow. And it seems to me, like the AI blatantly fucking cheats in every single goddamn backstage brawl.
I had this guy deep purple. I was beating the ever loving SHIT out of him. He had almost no health, little stamina. My health was GREEN. And then he hits ONE reversal, and I can't hit ANY of mine, and he literally does like 4 moves and finished the match, KOing me.
Absolute bullshit! This AI is blatantly fucking cheating, and it is really pissing me off to the point I am about to never play another WWE game again. This is my first intro into these games, and goddamn, it may well be my last. I am already fed up with this steaming pile of horse shit. What is up with this shitty cheating fucking AI in this game??
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2021.10.20 00:56 CatholicCrunch smooby toy

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2021.10.20 00:56 meowmeowwillhurtyou Let's Decorate Let's Prepare for Halloween as It's Coming Soon

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2021.10.20 00:56 crytoloover Trust Wallet Free Airdrop Token🚀 | Cryptodogsclub NFT | Olympic Dogs | Polkastarter Token Airdrop ☑️

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2021.10.20 00:56 Kythane Whats the name of this shape or type of glasses? Surely they have a specific terminology

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2021.10.20 00:56 crytoloover buy Ryoshi Token RYOSHI Coin crypto token in Pancakeswap using BSC matamask or trust wallet

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2021.10.20 00:56 allahsiztosbaa Tarihte Bugün, 20 Ekim 1921'de TBMM ile Fransa hükümeti arasında Ankara Antlaşması imzalandı. Kurtuluş Savaşı'nın en önemli antlaşmalarından biri olan bu antlaşma sayesinde, Fransızlar Anadoludan çekilmiş ve geriye sadece İngilizler kalmıştır.

Tarihte Bugün, 20 Ekim 1921'de TBMM ile Fransa hükümeti arasında Ankara Antlaşması imzalandı. Kurtuluş Savaşı'nın en önemli antlaşmalarından biri olan bu antlaşma sayesinde, Fransızlar Anadoludan çekilmiş ve geriye sadece İngilizler kalmıştır. submitted by allahsiztosbaa to Turkey [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 00:56 EFoiOEderQueOs Opinions regarding the Lore of my fantasy world and also help regarding lore and civilization.

I'm in the process of defining some important stuff about the Fantasy World that I am creating, and I have came across a somewhat of a problem.
One big part of the lore of my world is a lost civilization, from the lost Kingdom of Trebor which was situated in a Mountain range in the continent of Faljara, and was built around a giant gemstone obelisk, which they were chosen to protect by K'hlal (the God in this World). This giant gemstone obelisk is the a "gift" from K'hlal and the source of magic in this Continent (I'm still working on it, but for now this is the general idea).
The people from Trebor, due to their connection with the gemstone, were different, first their skin tone was green, and they also possessed unusual eye and hair colours, but more importantly, they were also gifted the power of Shapeshifting. They were also divided into four tribes each of them "focused" on one of the basic element (fire, earth, water and air, I know it's a cliche), which would influence the animal or beast or whatever that they would eventually Shapeshift into, for example a member of the water tribe would Shapeshift into an animal that lives underwater.
This was a very private civilization who had very little contact with the Outside World, and the little they had was mostly made with the Religious Group (still don't have a name for it) that was spread across the Continent, however they were still well known and revered by every other civilization in the continent, until a war of supremacy started between the two biggest Kingdoms in Faljara. Quickly the smaller Kingdoms were dragged into war, and everyone was looking for an Alliance with Trebor in order to gain an important advantage in the War, however the Kingdom of Trebor refused to take part.
After years of a grueling war, both sides reached a settlement and peace returned to Faljara, but not forever.
The son of the King of Larmos (one of the biggest Kingdoms in Faljara) who started the war, ascended to the throne after his father died of old age, and he inherited the same dream as his father of ruling the entire continent, however he tried a different strategy. He started making alliances with the small kingdoms of the South and planned to overtake Trebor and steal the giant gemstone obelisk.
The plan became known to the Kingdom of Trebor, through the religious group, and so the Leaders of Trebor and the leader of the religious group came up with a plan to avoid war at all cost, and at the same time protecting the gift from K'hlal from falling in the wrong hands.
The plan they came up with involved simulating the destruction of Trebor making it seem as an act of the Wrath of K'hlal, punishing all the inhabitants of the Continent by destroying his own gift and turning Trebor into a cursed place(this would become the official statement from the religious group, which was spread across the continent).
What really happened was that the whole civilization after destroying their own homeland left Faljara taking ships across the Uncharted Oceans, carrying the giant gemstone obelisk to where no one could find it. Also, clues were left inside of Faljara (with the help of the religious group leader) of what truly happened in case there was a need for the giant gemstone obelisk to be returned to Faljara.
They eventually settled on an Island far away to the east of Faljara where they settled themselves, and continued protecting the giant gemstone obelisk.
Now, if you've got this far, I need suggestions to two different things.
First, the book that I am intending to write happens centuries after the events that I described above, and it"s about two thieves that stumble across an old Trebor artifact which is one of the clues left by the religious group leader concerning the true fate of Trebor and promises a treasure like no other, and from there start on an quest to find the treasure and also find out about what really happened.
The thing is, in order for the thieves to find the Island where the people of Trebor relocated, it is absolutely important for that information to be concealed in Faljara, but it's hard for that information to reach Faljara since the only people that know where the Island is are living in the Island.
I would like for the religious leader to be the one with the knowledge of the whole truth (including the location of the Island) and this knowledge being something that is passed on from leader to leader, however I haven't figured out how the religious leader can have the knowledge of the location of the Island, and it's kind of messing everything up for me.
My second problem (thankfully a smaller one) is on how to differentiate the different tribes of Trebor. Should it be physical, like the fire tribe members all have red eyes or is that to lazy? I thought about different clothing and different coloured clothing, but I'm not quite convinced. Any suggestions?
Thank you for your attention, I am sorry for such a long post, and sorry if my writing isn't very good or repetitive, but English is not my first language
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2021.10.20 00:56 RockLee412 Is this CBD cartridge’s oil bad quality?

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2021.10.20 00:56 four2nothin Best Cable Modem/Router For Xfinity

Tldr; I have a basic xfinity modem/router and it doesn't have enough reach or output enough speed for me to game online or download anything. Supposed to get 50mbps and only am getting 1mbps or less in my part of the house. Need opinions and suggestions and any information you can spare wheb looking into these things.
Caution: this is going to be a noobier post than most of you are used to, simply because I dont know much about networking and am trying to educate myself, not only with networking but tech in general.
Anyway! I have an odd living arrangement where I stay at an air bnb until I can find my own place and the room I stay in is in the far end of the basement where I get almost no signal whatsoever and I'm often losing connection amd struggle to play games online, which really sucks. So I offered to buy a new one that will reach and we came to an agreement. This is important because I will not be keeping the router so I'm personally not too concerned about getting the best, just something that will offer high speeds over long distance during my stay.
While the plan the owner is on is supposed to be up to 50mbps, I average 1.5 at best. Additionally, I'm sure there are quite a few devices connected at a time since it is the owner amd sometimes her grandkids, me and one other roommate.
In addition to suggestions, I'd be super grateful if anyone has advice on what specifically to look for when shopping for a modern modem and/ or router for someone who games a lot. Thank you!
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2021.10.20 00:56 he00741098 New survival smp

I am running a minecraft server. It is mostly vanilla but has a few things like homes. Running fabric so most Vanilla mechanics should work. Join at
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2021.10.20 00:56 BabyMushroom1113 Four month progress on my E. Topsy Turvy Crest!!

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